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Brian Westbrook Number 2 Player i would take

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    Originally posted by Shiver View Post
    Saints fans; this was uncharacteristic for me. Soak it up, enjoy it.
    Seriously. I don't think I've ever seen you extrapolate statistics.


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      I think extrapolation is relevant, only in certain circumstances. I only do it with rookies, and young Wide Receivers. For example; Javon Walker lit it up in the second half of '03, only to continue his moment in his 3rd year in '04 when he blew up. That's one case where extrapolation showed that he had the potential to have a dominant season the next year. There are others. The one I completely disagreed with was Larry Johnson's absurd '2,000' yard hype last year. Reggie Bush may not reach those marks I mentioned, but it shows he has the potential to do that.
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        Quite honestly it is all really close after LT, but I would put LJ and Steven Jackson in front of Westbrook. I wouldn't be disapointed with Jones-Drew either. He is my favorite rookie of last year. I love how the guy plays the game. He Will be a very good, if not great, yes GREAT, back in the upcoming years.
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