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What year was the best in your team's history?

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  • What year was the best in your team's history?

    I'm sure this has been done before on this forum. Even if it has, it hasn't been for a while. Just something to spark some debates and pass the time during the offseason.

    For me it was the 1984 49ers. I'll let this blurb from Wikipedia explain some of the good points as to why:

    In 1984, the 49ers had one of the greatest seasons in team history by finishing the regular season 15-1-0, setting the record for most regular season wins that was later equaled by the 1985 Chicago Bears, the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, and the 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers, and finally broken by the 2007 New England Patriots (with 16 regular season victories). Their 18 wins overall is also still a record, tied by the 1985 Bears and the 2007 New England Patriots. The 49ers' only defeat in the 1984 season was a 20-17 loss to the Steelers; a late field goal attempt in that game by San Francisco kicker Ray Wersching went off the uprights and was no good. In the playoffs, they beat the New York Giants 21-10, shut out the Chicago Bears 23–0 in the NFC Championship, and in Super Bowl XIX the 49ers shut down a record-setting year by NFL MVP Dan Marino (and his speedy receivers Mark Clayton and Mark Duper), beating the Miami Dolphins 38-16. Their entire defensive backfield (Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Dwight Hicks, and Carlton Williamson) was elected to the Pro Bowl—an NFL first.

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    1972 Miami Dolphins:

    In 1972 the Dolphins completed the NFL's first perfect season, winning 14 regular season games, two playoff games and Super Bowl VII, defeating the Washington Redskins 14-7. QB Griese fell victim to a broken leg and dislocated ankle in Week 5 versus the San Diego Chargers and was replaced by veteran Earl Morrall for the rest of the regular season, but returned to the field as a substitute during the AFC Championship game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and then started in Super Bowl VII. The Dolphins set the NFL single-season rushing record, and running backs Csonka and Mercury Morris became the first teammates to each rush for 1,000 yards in a season. The offensive line included future Hall of Fame members Jim Langer and Larry Little and Pro Bowler Bob Kuechenberg. The 1972 Dolphins defensive unit, called the No-Name Defense because Miami’s impressive offense received much more publicity, was the league’s best that year. It was led by linebacker Nick Buoniconti, end Bill Stanfill, tackle Manny Fernandez and safeties Dick Anderson and Jake Scott.


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      I guess it would be 1969 because that was our only Super Bowl Victory, but 1993 was pretty fun to.

      Don't ask me about what the '69 season was like, my mom was 9 years old.


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        We're livin' it baby!

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          In 2003 my high school team won the CIF championship...

          Chargers won the title in 1963.


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            Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post
            We're livin' it baby!

            I would've said last year, then that happened, stupid Hank Baskett costing the Colts a championship. I guess by default I'd have to say 06, had 05 or 09 produced the championships they should have though, they'd rank well ahead,

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              Probably 1964, our first AFL Championship. I would've loved to see Cookie Gilchrist play, running behind Billy Shaw and my former teacher, Al Bemiller. And, of course, that defense with Mike Stratton, George Saimes, Tom Sestak, Harry Jacobs. Beautiful.


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                Either 1957, when we last won the NFL championship, or 1991, where we went 12-4 and had our only playoff victory since then.
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                  This past year.

                  I'm still basking in the glow.

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                    My favorite? Probably 2000-2001.

                    Our best team was in 2004-2005.


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                      Probably the 92-93 season for the Cowboys. Bursting at the seams with youth and talent.


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                        1996. Went on a hot streat end our second season ever and proceeding to upset Denver then lost to NE in the AFC Championship Game.


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                          Originally posted by King Carls 5 Year Plan View Post
                          I guess it would be 1969 because that was our only Super Bowl Victory, but 1993 was pretty fun to.


                          Don't ask me about what the '69 season was like, my mom was 9 years old.
                          69-70 season was the Jets best year too as it was our lone SB year too.

                          But last year's run had to be No.2. Back in 98 when we faced Denver for a shot at the SB, we had a 4th quarter lead but ultimately blew it vs Elway so it left a bad taste in plenty of people's mouths.And back in 1982, we had a really good team but we were shutdown by the rival Shula's Miami Dolphins in the AFC Title game 14-0 which was a even bigger low blow.

                          Last year we were expected to do almost nothing but we all of a sudden began clicking, got some HUGE breaks and we did some incredible things in the postseason. Rather than get let down by losing to IND after a competitive halftime game/lead, it was more so a buildup for things to come in my eyes.

                          So I would rank it as

                          1) 1969
                          2) 2009
                          3) 1998
                          4) 1982
                          5) And probably have 2004 as 5th even though Doug Brien made me vomit in what should have been a Pats/Jets AFC Title game.


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                            Yeah... about that.


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                              It has the 1992 season. That was the beginning of seeing all those prospects become elite. The 93 and 95 Super Bowl seasons were great too, but they had some scary moments. 92 was damn near perfect.
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