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    We never factor in injuries when we make predictions of teams and what they'll do the upcoming season. Unfortunately, health is a major factor in determining who is successful in the upcoming year, and is usually the biggest factor in making offseason predictions look horribly mistaken.

    However, one thing we do overlook, is the fact that certain teams are more prone to injuries than others.

    How? Certain teams have more "injury prone" players on their roster for one, which can result in more injuries. Certain teams have harder practices, tougher divisions usually injure each other etc.

    So since its a super slow day, I figured Id make this thread to try something different. Let's see if we can predict to some degree which teams have a more likely chance of getting injured this upcoming year based on the rosters they have along with other factors.

    Name the injury prone players on your team, their position, the coach's practice style (long tough/short easy going), and the division the team plays in.

    Maybe we can make a top 5 injury prone teams list, and see if they do in fact become injured this upcoming year. Could be interesting.

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    Go ahead and pencil me Brownies in at 1 or 2.

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      Originally posted by Freddy G View Post
      Go ahead and pencil me Brownies in at 1 or 2.
      Break it down though, go by the criteria that I said.


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        I thought before the season that the browns would go 7-9 or 8-8 but they lose key players every year to injury. Like Gary Baxter, LeCharles Bentley, etc.


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          Recently, Arizona tend to be fairly lucky in avoiding injuries, which takes away a excuse as to why we are perenial losers. To be honest, we should be in the top 5 least injured.

          Bertrand Berry is the prime example for us. After leading the league in sacks, he has had 2 seasons filled with injuries.
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          #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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            cowboys are a generally healthy team the only player dubbed injury prone is julius jones. unhealthy teams are browns and giants


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              Atlanta hasn't been healthy on the D-Line in three years. In '05, last year as well, the run defense and pass rush disintegrates. John Abraham, obviously, has that stigma.

              Vick has a label of being injury prone, but he's missed two games in his whole career due to injury, other than his fluke Fibula break.
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                Well, the Colts had trouble staying healthy this year.

                Prime example, when Bob Sanders missed most of the remaining NFL season (sans Tennessee, New England) the Colts were really shot in the backfield in terms of energy. Then Mike Doss, Sanders replacement, tore his ACL and then rookie Antoine Bethea missed a game or two with a shoulder seperation.

                That left the Colts with Matt Giordano, a 2nd-year ST ace but a physical presence in his own right and Dexter Reid, a ST ace and nothing more. I should add that it was against the Cincinnati Bengals too.

                Dwight Freeney had shoulder/arch injuries early on in the season, Corey Simon was on IR, Montae Reagor had the auto accident which eventually had him on IR so the DL was crippled at times. Ryan Diem and Ryan Lilja had injury problems throughout the season, with the latter (Lilja) playing in 5 games due to a knee injury.

                But the most PRIME example was Week 4 against the Jets.

                The secondary looked like:
                Doss - Bethea
                David - Jackson

                The CBs started to drop like flies with Jackson and Kelvin Hayden suffering injuries that day, with Nick Harper already out. I think, Jackson was back after a series but little-used rookie Tim Jennings had to cover Jerricho Cotchery and David on Coles. Not a great memory there.
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                  Injury prone on the Bucs:

                  Simms returning from splenectomy

                  basically the whole team, you can put us in the top 10 at least.

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                    Byron Leftwich - missed significant time the past two years. Has had constant health problems in his career. I think this is his main issue for being a long-term starter, bigger than performance issues.

                    Fred Taylor - This was true earlier in his career, but I think it's an unfair label now. His ACL tear in 04 is a freak-type injury, and 05 was spent coming back from it. He missed a game and three-fourths (injured early in the Titans game, missed Patriots game) games this year due to a hammy issue that came to bite us regarding the playoffs, but I'm not sure he deserves the lable as much.

                    Marcus Stroud - Has had different issues that while they only cut into his playing time this year, making him miss the first games of his career, they have affected his performance negatively the past two seasons.

                    Can't think of any others. The Jaguars' TC practices are somewhat short and easier: JDR follows the 1/2/1 model regarding the amount of practice sessions, not including special teams.

                    We got a buttload of injuries last year, and I think we would have made the playoffs if we were mostly healthy. Whether we would've "made noise" is an irrelevant discussion.

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                      for some reason carolina comes to mind

                      I had a dream that Brady Quinn was rollin' with Omarosa in a 1987 LeSabre


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                        Detroit was riddled with injuries last year and the year before. It doesn't matter though because before the injuries started this year we were 0-5. Injury prone and bad, double threat for us.

                        3/5 of of our O-line missed 10 or more games. We had a new O-line reshuffled every week.
                        3/4 of our D-line missed 9-10 games and Redding changed positions
                        KJ missed 5 games, our backup 2 and 3 RBs missed 10 games
                        KJ is still hurt
                        Fernando Bryant is a walking injury
                        Kennoy Kennedy missed 5 games
                        Lehman has been injured for 2 years, Boss Bailey had a good rookie year then got injured and never returned to form
                        Heck even our coach Marinelli had hip surgery in the offseason causing the Lions coaching staff not to coach in the Senior Bowl


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                          Patriots are an injury prone team..especially the secondary.

                          OL had a few people missing last 2-3 years

                          Koppen - missed half season because a rotary cuff(2 seasons ago)
                          Light went on IR after breaking a leg against Steelers
                          Neal missed like 4 games this year as did Kazcur(more than 4)

                          DL is generally healthy as is LB..Seymour has missed some time over last few seasons but Warren-Wilfork havent really

                          Bruschi missed time from a stroke..other than that Colvin-Vrabel havent missed since Colvin fractured his hip his first season as a Patriot in '03

                          Secondary injuries

                          Brady has been good .. has a nice starting streak going.
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                            All have to be on 'the list.'


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                              Spikes - torn Achilles from two years ago. Should be recovered fropm that this season, but had a recurring hamstring problem last year
                              Crowell broke his leg late last year but that has had no recurring effects or setbacks.
                              McGee has had some small injuries, but in some cases it might've just been an excuse to bench him for bad play.
                              McCargo is coming off an in jury that landed him on IR after week 6



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