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    I would put the Titans on that list a few seasons ago, but not knwo, but there still a good case for us.

    Current team
    QB: we are fine there, at this moment
    RB: Brown could still resign, he is injury prone and we really don't know much about Lendale White as a pro, other than his nagging ham string inury last season
    FB: we are good
    WR: With Calico released last season we really no longer have this promblem. Even through Brnadon Jones is just now fully recovered from his ACL injury, i think he will be fine
    TE: Troupe has had some minor stuff and missed about last year on IR, Bo Scaife has torn his knee up three time while playing at Texas.
    OL: Pretty good now with the releaing of Piller
    DL: You could make a pretty good case here, KVB was known as a very injury prone player when he played with the Cardinals, Fat Albert has always been known for his nagging injuries and Odom and LaBoy have both seen a fair share of injuries. LB: pretty good
    CB: same as above
    S: Pretty good here also, even though if LT is on the field any next season i will have to put him on the IR list myself....If you know what i mean ;)
    ST: good now with Nedney gone.

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      Panthers. 04 we had 14 players on IR.
      05 we lost 6 runningbacks before the NFCCG, MLB and DE.
      Last year we were 31st in the league for starters missing games and that included; WR, RB, LT, C, CB, RG, LG, FB, S and QB.


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        Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
        Name the injury prone players on your team, their position, the coach's practice style (long tough/short easy going), and the division the team plays in.

        Follow this layout so we can clean it up and make it easier to gauge. Maybe I was premature with this thread, considering the fact that FA isn't even over yet nor is the draft finished. But maybe we can come back to this later on and establish the teams who will have a higher tendency to become injured with the proper outlining.


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          Detroit has to be top 5. There is no doubt about that one.
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            It seems like somebody on the Colts defense is always hurt. Like Bob Sanders, Corey Simon and some others that's what I think of when I hear injury prone teams.

            Thanks to jackalope


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              Tommie Harris, Mike Brown, Tillman, Vasher, Mark Bradley all went down, and Ced in the super Bowl, those guys all got hurt late in the year when we needed them, 3 out for the SB


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                The Giants were a very injury prone team. I don't know if that will be the case this year however.

                Ernie Accorsi loved acquiring injury prone talent with the hope that they could stay healthy. Now Reese is cleaning house and getting rid of all of Accorsi's choices, and getting rid of all the injury prone guys. He already got rid of Petitgout, Lavar, and Emmons.

                Since our roster is definately not officially set right now, we have to wait and see what happens with the Giants before we pencil them in. Strahan and Toomer are injury prone, but we have good depth behind Strahan and who knows if we draft a only time will tell.


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                  if a team falls from glory, its probably from injuries...

                  2years ago when the ravens went 6-10, we were a superbowl pick, but injuries riddled us...

                  you cant really expcect it to happen

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                    Hmmm, I think...Cleveland. And I'm pretty sure it's self-explanatory, so there's no need for me to type you a novel telling you why.


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                      cleveland by far is the most injury riddled team

                      i mean all their 1st round picks seem to be cursed

                      or could just be horrible picks at the time


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                        Problem is that when a team has 2 wins with only 3 games left on the schedule, a lot of players will develope "injuries" that keep them from playing those last few games.


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                          Cleveland is affected the most b/c they have to continue to invest money in the O-Line due to Bentley's injury

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                            We were killed by injuries in 05.

                            Chad Pennington
                            Jay Fiedler
                            DeWayne Robertson
                            Shaun Ellis
                            Curtis Martin
                            Derrick Blaylock
                            Chris Baker

                            At one point, Bollinger, Penny, Fiedler and Vinny were all out which lead to us playing Kliff Kingsbury vs. Denver.

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                              The interesting thing about that is on 05 we had Herm as HC vs. Mangini in 06. Herm runs a much easier camp than Mangini does, but we had less people breaking down as the season went on with Mangini as HC...


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                                Cleveland does seem to get a lot of injuries, but so do the G-men, there are a lot of others as well, but those two stick out in my mind.
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