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Bold Predictions for 2010 (early, possible Change)

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    -Superbowl will be Ravens vs Vikings/Cowboys depending on if Favre is there or not
    -Raiders will be .500(Hopefully)
    -Offensive ROY Golden Tate
    -Defensive ROY Rolando McClain
    -Texans finally make playoffs
    -49ers barely win NFC West by one game over... Seattle
    -Bills will be worst team in AFC and NFL
    -Rams will be worst team in NFC
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      Ravens win the Superbowl.. and that's that


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        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
        -Rams will be worst team in NFC
        Thats bold? :)


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          Originally posted by Thumper View Post
          What? I like Jon Dwyer, I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the better backs to emerge from this class. At least your not posting "He busted 15 long runs at practice in April and is dropping jaws all around, he is a beast who is going to be super sick because he makes a bunch of nice runs in April!"


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            Originally posted by themaninblack View Post

            I hope.

            with all the additions to your passing game and all of the good picks on you guys made on defense the bengals are my favorite to win the AFC hands down.



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              Originally posted by Kramer View Post
              Thats bold? :)
              Your bold:)

              "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                -Superbowl will be Ravens vs Vikings/Cowboys depending on if Favre is there or not
                Jets vs. Vikings with the Vikings winning it all...
                -Raiders will be .500(Hopefully)
                I think so, finally a draft to make mockers mock realistically...
                -Offensive ROY Golden Tate
                Dez Bryant
                -Defensive ROY Rolando McClain
                Brandon Graham
                -Texans finally make playoffs
                San Francisco
                -49ers barely win NFC West by one game over... Seattle
                Arizona does not win more than 4 more games than the Rams, and is picking in the top ten...
                -Bills will be worst team in AFC and NFL
                Rams will still be the worst team in the NFL, but not by much over Buffalo
                -Rams will be worst team in NFC
                Rams and Bills picking one and two...
                My bold prediction for 2010; Oakland comes in second in the AFC West, and three teams from the NFC West pick in the top ten....
                "It must be contract year!"

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                  OK, maybe not so bold...
                  • DROY will be Eric Berry, KC Chiefs
                  • OROY will be Ryan Mathews, SD Bolts
                  • Terence Cody will block at least one FG attempt for the Ravens
                  • Brandon Graham will lead the NFL in sacks &/or TFLs at some point for the Eagles
                  • Joe Nedney will lead the NFL in scoring for the 49ers
                  • Brett Favre will return to the Vikings & lead the NFL in INTs thrown
                  • Either Kareem Jackson, McCourty or Eric Berry will lead the league in INTs
                  • Rothlisberger missing 4-6 games will put the Steelers in a hole they never recover from & miss playoffs, B-More wins the division

                  On a team level:
                  • The Raiders will lead the AFC West at some point in the regular season
                  • The Redskins will spend more $ than any other team & still finish below .500
                  • Dallas will advance one level further in the playoffs to the NFC CG
                  • B-More Ravens will advance one level further in the playoffs to the AFC CG
                  • The Jaguars will implode as a franchise, Del Rio & most of the FO fired, maybe change ownership & home city (Move to LA? could happen if Goodell gets his way but maybe not yet in a down economy)
                  • Jets win the AFC East
                  • The SD Bolts will lead the NFL in scoring & Rivers will be the highest rated passer
                  • Texans make the playoffs for 1st time
                  • The Buffalo Bills will be forcibly moved to Toronto if Ralph Wilson passes away
                  • 9ers new Santa Clara stadium will be defeated by the SC Co. voters on Sept. ballot
                  • Tim Tebow will pass Cutler's rcd. for fan hate mail in Denver
                  • Some team will lose a crucial game & miss the playoffs b/c of a controversial officiating error that creates a NFL rule change
                  • 2011 top 5 drafting order:
                  1) Jaguars
                  2) Rams
                  3) Bills
                  4) Redskins
                  5) Broncos


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                    Lions have a winning season.

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                      Originally posted by Addict View Post
                      Lions have a winning season.
                      Now that's bold. I can see 6 wins if things go right, but 9 is a stretch.

                      My bold prediction: A worst to first turnaround happens in a non-NFC South division. Also, I might stop hating Hank Baskett at some point during the season. I wouldn't count on that last one though.

                      The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

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                        My Turn:

                        The Rams, Lions, and Bucs will all finish with five wins or better.

                        The Pats will face the Packers in the Superbowl again, but different outcome.

                        Josh Freeman will have a breakout year.


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                          Originally posted by Sniper View Post
                          I win again.
                          when I see things like that, I either want to reach for a red pen, or cringe.

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                            Cardinals win 10 games and the division


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                              -The packers will miss the playoffs. The offensive line is still below average and i don't trust the defense to repeat their performance.
                              - The NFC west will have 3 teams picking in the top 10
                              -The raiders off season successes will not translate to success on the field
                              -Tom Brady falls out of the elite QB category
                              Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

                              Colts Cardinals Bulls Hurricanes


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                                Peyton Manning will throw for over 50 INTs.
                                Jaguars will be in LA for 2011.
                                Vikings will be in LA for 2011.
                                Bills will be in Toronto for 2011.
                                Six QBs will start for most of the season. They are Bradford, Clausen, Brown, LeFevour, Kafka and Skelton.
                                Three RBs will run for more than 2,000 yds, and Chris Johnson won't be one of them. They will be MJD, Rice and a darkhorse (Forté, Benson)
                                Each division will have a 12+ win team. Some will have two.
                                Both the OROY and DROY will be third day picks.
                                One 7th round rookie will score over 10 TDs.
                                The Colts will finish in the last place of their division.
                                The Redskins will win their division.
                                JaMarcus Russell will find a new team, start after Week 12-13 and lead them to the playoffs.
                                The SuperBowl will be starred by the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.
                                The Killers will perform on SuperBowl Halftime.
                                Jason Elam's 63-yd FG record will be broken in the SuperBowl.
                                The SuperBowl will be won on overtime.
                                Tom Brady will place his fourth ring on his hand next February.



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