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    Originally posted by njx9
    jarvis moss, tim crowder, maurice ******* clarett, letting hixon go, moving DJ away from WLB for the craptastic duo of boss bailey and ian gold (then making it worse by putting him at mlb), george foster, ashley lelie, willie middlebrooks, deltha o'neal, marcus nash, letting pryce go, dan williams over anyone (particularly strahan), tommy maddox over carl pickens (or anyone else), not firing reeves sooner, refusing to blitz in the shanahan era, dale carter, brian griese as a starting qb, letting nolan go (possibly), knowshon moreno, refusing to throw down field last year... there's probably more.
    I'd say our biggest mistake has been trading our best player in each of the last 2 off-seasons. What other team can manage that? We go out, we get a top level franchise QB who performs. We also get a gamebreaking WR, and they're the same age. Then we trade them away.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
    Originally posted by njx9
    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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      Originally posted by BigDawg819 View Post
      I loathe you so much

      Not saying I disagree but dammit man stop tugging my emotional heart strings

      I think what ruined Boller was giving him nothing at WR(People thought this years WR corp was bad, it was 10 times better then anything Boller had). A average pass blocking Oline, and then expecting him to win us the super bowl as a rookie.


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        Well Boller did have horrendous accuracy and horrible foot work. His pocket presence was about as good as Patrick Ramsey.

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          Adalius Thomas and Chad Jackson are at the top

          Laurence Maroney is in the next tier, he is average but we could have had Mojo or DeAngelo Williams. I never wanted us to let Asante go either.

          Taking Marquise Hill (RIP) over Darnell Dockett was something you look back on and say ****, but Hill was talented and we were taking everyone LSU had in that time.

          Letting Givens go pissed me off too. I know he didn't do anything anywhere else but he was nasty here. I wanted to keep Dan Graham too.

          Then of course we've passed on countless players in the draft or just traded down when we could've selected them, Clay Matthews being a painful example. I'm sure there is other things I'm forgetting.


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            Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
            Well Boller did have horrendous accuracy and horrible foot work. His pocket presence was about as good as Patrick Ramsey.
            he also did have a fumble issue, but anyway I would rather have Suggs and Boller then just Leftwich.

            Besides we got our QB in Joe Flacco.


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              M-a-t-t M-i-l-l-e-n


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                Drafting Jonathan Sullivan

                Hiring Mike Ditka as our head coach and watching as he traded away all of our picks in 1999 and a first and 3rd in 2000 to move up to draft Ricky Williams.

                Signing Olinde Mare and getting rid of John Carney.

                Trading away Willie Roaf instead of trading Joe Horn.

                Keeping Aaron Brooks as our QB for so long and trading away Jake Delhomme in the prime of his career.

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                  Originally posted by B-Dawk View Post
                  I don't see how firing dungy was a mistake when you won a superbowl that year with Gruden
                  Yeah, he won it with Dungy's players. If we would of given him one more chance he would of had it and not that we had Gruden. He is the reason we are rebuilding because of his horrific draft picks. He passed on Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and DeSean Jackson. All of his first round picks are busts except Talib. He was the reason for us losing four straight at the end of the 08 season and resting are players to early in 07. Raheem Morris is just cleaning up what Gruden has done.


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                    Drafting Kyle Boller and Travis Taylor :(


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                      Every team makes many mistakes. One big and recent mistakes the Falcons made was Jamaal Anderson.


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                        Originally posted by Notredameleo View Post
                        M-a-t-t M-i-l-l-e-n
                        Matt "The Donkeypleaser" Millen.

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                          Passing on Ed Reed for Bryan Thomas
                          Passing on Warren Sapp for Kyle Brady
                          Passing on Dan Marino for Ken O'Brien
                          Dewayne Robertson
                          Vernon Gholston
                          Trading a 1st round pick for Doug Jolly and a second round pick, and then taking a kicker with that second round pick.

                          Signing LaDainian Tomlinson
                          Trading for Antonio Cromartie


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                            Sticking with Marc Bulger waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fricking long.

                            Drafting Alex Barron, I don't care who we got for him, if Jerry Jones traded us the Notebook on DVD for him, that woulda been a great move for us.

                            Prolly soon to be drafting Sam Bradford over Suh, hoping I am wrong and many others are too on that.

                            Hiring Linehan as successor to Martz, we shoulda got a defensive guy like Spags in the first place.

                            Letting our offensive line get so old (Pace, Timmerman, McCollum) with no one ready to step in except for my favorite player ever Alex Barron.


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                              Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf) View Post
                              I'd say our biggest mistake has been trading our best player in each of the last 2 off-seasons. What other team can manage that?

                              2008 Jared Allen

                              2009 Tony Gonzalez


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                                Tony Ugoh and lack of aggression in free agency
                                Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

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