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    Michael Okwo


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      Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
      Michael Okwo
      you forgot...

      **** it, I'm going deep!

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        Originally posted by njx9
        jarvis moss, tim crowder, maurice ******* clarett, letting hixon go, moving DJ away from WLB for the craptastic duo of boss bailey and ian gold (then making it worse by putting him at mlb), george foster, ashley lelie, willie middlebrooks, deltha o'neal, marcus nash, letting pryce go, dan williams over anyone (particularly strahan), tommy maddox over carl pickens (or anyone else), not firing reeves sooner, refusing to blitz in the shanahan era, dale carter, brian griese as a starting qb, letting nolan go (possibly), knowshon moreno, refusing to throw down field last year... there's probably more.
        I fail to see how Brian Griese as a starting QB is one of the Broncos biggest mistakes. He wasn't a great QB but he sure as hell wasn't horrible.

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          I'm not a fan of the typical 49ers fan bashing them for not drafting DeSean Jackson while drafting Kentwan Balmer and Chilo Rachal. Hindsight is always 20/20 and alot of the Jackson appeal was based on him being a Cal product. The entire NFL passed on Jackson. The Eagles even drafted Trevor Laws in the second round PRIOR to drafting Jackson so they obviously didn't even have him highly on their boards.

          Interior OLineman and DLinemen take significant time (in most cases to develop)

          As for a couple of moves the 49ers made that I do hate...

          1. 2004 - Trading Terrell Owens for Brandon Whiting.

          2. Signing Lawrence Phillips. Essentially ended Steve Young's career.

          3. 2004 - 2009 - Hiring and Firing six Offensive Coordinators in 6 seasons. The Chargers didn't help by hiring Norv Turner VERY late in the 2006 offseason.

          4. 2009 - Carrying as many as 8 WR's because of Michael Spurlock, yet not allowing him to return kicks. The worst return team in the NFL then cuts Spurlock only to watch him return one for a TD for the Buccaneers.


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            A lot of mistakes stem from this guy...

            Art Modell


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              He burst onto the college football scene with a 4-TD game vs. UCLA in his freshman season with USC. Unfortunately, it was a slow downhill trip for Soward from there, bottoming out when he was almost killed by the USC mascot, Traveler, a horse, while he gestured at the opposing team's fans on his way to the bathroom in the middle of a game during his senior season. Despite Soward's superior skills, he never reached his potential in his USC career, ending his tenure with 32 touchdowns in four seasons.[1]
              Soward's drug problems became worse while in college, where he admitted smoking marijuana every day.
              Yes, this guy was a first round pick for us.


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                GO RAVENS


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                  Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
                  I'm pretty positive Jake Delhomme was a free agent when he went to Carolina. I remember that off-season the Cowboys tried to sign him but he chose the Panthers instead :/

                  And John Carney will forever be remembered as the guy that missed the XP after the River City Relay. He deserved to be cut.
                  I wanted us to cut Aaron Brooks and sign Delhomme. He played better, the players liked him better, he had a better pocket presence, better command of the offense, and was smarter than Brooks. :(

                  And yeah, I was so ******* pissed at Carney for missing that but Olindo Mare was absolutely abysmal for us. He kicked 58.8% for us which had us bringing in Martin Gramatica for 3 games.

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                    Originally posted by General Zod View Post
                    Hiring a very good coach was one of the worst decisions your franchise has made?


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                      Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
                      Hiring a very good coach was one of the worst decisions your franchise has made?
                      How in the holy hell is Childress a very good coach?

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                        Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
                        How in the holy hell is Childress a very good coach?
                        He wins. Consistently. He was a Favre pick away from probably winning a SB.

                        For years he had arguably the worst starting qb in the league sans Jawalrus and took that team to the playoffs.

                        You want to talk about playcalling? Fine. Look at how different the playcalling was under Favre vs TJ. The reason why the playcalling was bland before was bc TJ is a moron who can't understand the playbook. If anything, that adjustment is proof that Chilly adjusts to his talent. He simplified the offense for his stupid qb, then was able to actually run a real offense when he had Favre.

                        Players hate him? So what. Players hate Bellichick. They hated Parcells. I could care less how the players feel about him.

                        The Vikings are a relevant team with him as coach. Before he was there, they weren't.

                        He's a good coach. He's just a scapegoat.


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                          The Rams biggest mistakes? Do you guys really want me to write this novel?
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                            Lets just do the Ruskell era....

                            Transition tagging Hutchinson and losing him.

                            Trading a 1st rounder for Deion freaking Branch.

                            Hiring Mora Jr as HC and Greg Knapp as OC.

                            Signing Shaun Alexander to a huge contract.

                            Letting Leonard Weaver walk.

                            David Greene

                            Lawrence Jackson

                            Chris Spencer

                            The entire 2006 draft.
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                              Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
                              Passing on Rashean Mathis for Eugene Wilson
                              Passing on Darnell Dockett for Marquise Hill (R.I.P.).
                              Passing on Shaun Phillips for (God...) Guss Scott.
                              Passing on DeAngelo Williams for Laurence Maroney.
                              Passing on Greg Jennings for Chad Jackson.
                              Passing on Clay Matthews for an extra pick.
                              Passing on Sergio Kindle for a CB.

                              And yes, we're good drafters.

                              One of my favorite myths in the NFL. Had New England not hit on a once in a lifetime 6th round QB by the name of Tom Brady where would they have been this past decade?

                              They have had great picks, but almost no consistency. Plus they've had much more volume than any other NFL team. They had a whole lot of bad picks, like the ones you mentioned. I would argue that lack of depth has plagued them as a team ever since the exodus of veterans after the '07 Super Bowl.


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                                -Ron Dayne
                                -Tim Lewis
                                -Bill Sheridan
                                -Sinorice Moss
                                -William Joseph
                                -Rocky Bernard
                                -LaVar Arrington
                                -Anything related to the Dan Reeves era
                                -Jason Pierre-Paul....I have a terrible feeling about this pick
                                -Having NO backup plan for when Pierce was cut
                                -Not trying to correct Tiki's fumbling problem earlier
                                -The handling of the Shockey situation
                                -Bill fuking Sheridan



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