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Atogwe officially a Free Agent

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    Originally posted by XxXdragonXxX View Post
    O.J. may or may not be visiting Seattle next week....

    Schefter says he is, Sando (former Seahawks beat writer) says he isn't.

    Would be interesting. Either he would start at SS with Thomas at FS, or Thomas would be moved to CB and Atogwe would play FS. Seahawks GM John Schneider said they had Thomas rated as the best CB in the draft, so I wouldn't be surprised if they moved him. However the current starting SS is Lawyer Milloy, so yeah I wouldn't be opposed to Atogwe taking that spot.
    Sounds like more of a stunt by Atogwe's people to make it look like someone's interested as opposed to legitimate interest by Seattle. There simply isn't a market for the guy right now, not at the price he's asking.


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      Plus Seattle doesn't have a need. Earl Thomas is the FS, Atogwe would be playing SS which he's never done before in his career, and I doubt they would pay that much money to put a guy at a new position when he's not even the best tackler.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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        Would I be crazy to think the owners are colluding to not pay these guys(doesn't seem like any RFA are getting long term deals)? The players want to be paid and that can't happen without a new CBA so they may feel pressure to get one deal done.



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