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Panthers WR Steve Smith Breaks Arm

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    $38 million dollars would be enough to get me to stop playing flag football. my boss told us not to play flag football and we are in retail. he definitely has a responsibility to the owner to not get injured needlessly.
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      Originally posted by Job View Post
      I'm sorry I just can't take anything you say very seriously when you're suggesting driving some awesome (and probably very fast) car and playing with firearms is safer than playing a no-contact sport.
      Compared to athletic activities, hunting has a very low injury rate, much lower than pick-up sports. I'm not worried about avid hunters like Jared Allen or Trent Cole hurting themselves out on the ranch.

      That being said, I wouldn't fault Steve Smith too much for this. He's a football player, and was playing his sport. Unlike when Lance Berkman, who tore his ACL playing flag football back in '04. Everyone in Houston was pretty pissed about that.



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