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Your Current Top 10 Favorite Players in NFL

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  • Your Current Top 10 Favorite Players in NFL

    Alright, I'm bored, so I'm gonna throw this one out there.

    I'm expecting some homerism here, but I'm also expecting some non-homerism as well.

    Here is my Ten Favorite:

    10. Demarcus Ware

    9. Kevin Williams

    8. Leon Hall

    7. Haloti Ngata

    6. Antoine Winfield

    5. Brandon Marshall

    4. Deangelo Williams

    3. Ed Reed

    2. Jared Allen

    1. Adrian Peterson

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  • #2
    10. Gerald McRath
    9. Jared Allen
    8. Donald Driver
    7. Reggie Wayne
    6. Jonathan Stewart
    5. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Matt Forte
    3. Charles Woodson
    2. Dan LeFevour
    1. Brett Favre

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    • #3
      1. Adrian Peterson
      2. Jared Allen
      3. Sidney Rice
      4. Kevin Williams
      5. Phat Williams
      6. Randy Moss
      7. Chad Ochocinco
      8. Antoine Winfield
      9. Brandon Marshall
      10. Ryan Longwell

      Least Favorite
      1. Jay Cutler


      Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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        Hrmm.. I'm only going to do 5 because I feel like most people aren't going to read through everyone's 10 anyways:

        5) Frank Gore - I know this is a weird pick, but this guy has been through so much and yet he still plays so hard. I think he's got a great story and he's the type of runner I like to watch.
        4) Jared Allen - I love the Mullet as much as anyone else.
        3) Peyton Manning - Not only a great player, but also does genuinely funny commercials.
        2) Chad Ochocinco - I've always liked Chad :)

        And my number 1 favorite player in the NFL right now is... Ray Lewis. Yes, I know he's a divisional rival and I should hate his guts, but the guy gets me pumped up even when he's hitting Bengals players. Plus he has some pretty cool speeches from time to time.


        • #5
          5. Brandon Flowers
          4. Ed Reed
          3. Aaron Rodgers
          2. Chad Ochocinco
          1. Jared Allen

          Originally posted by fenikz
          His soft D really turns me off
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          • #6
            5. Ray Lewis
            4. Carl Nicks
            3. Jahri Evans
            2. Donte' Stallworth
            1. Mike Karney


            • #7
              1-tie. Ray Lewis
              1-tie. Ed Reed
              3. Randy Moss
              4. Ricky Williams
              5. Darnell Dockett
              6. Adrian Peterson
              7. Jerry Hughes
              8. Nnamdi Asamougha
              9. Michael Crabtree
              10. Mike Vick
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                10. Ray Lewis - Pure respect here.
                9. Glenn Dorsey - HE CAN PLAY 3-4 DE!!!!!!
                8. Chad Ochocinco - Love/Hate relationship here
                7. Nick Mangold - Reppin the big ugglies
                6. Domata Peko - Most underrated DT
                5. Brian Leonard - Pure sex
                4. Rey Maualuga - Duh
                3. Demarcus Ware - Best 3-4 OLB, class act
                2. Carson Palmer - Stand up guy, my QB
                1. Jared Allen - Teh Saxyness is too much.

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                • #9
                  10 AJ Hawk- He boned Brady Quinns sister
                  9 Jared Allen- Love the mullet
                  8 Matt Stafford- A lot of respect after he game back to beat the browns
                  7 Colt Brennan- FUTURE HOF
                  6 Ray Rice- carried my fantasy team
                  5 Ed Reed- Ballhawk and full of energy
                  4 Tony Romo- love/hate. He went to my college
                  3 Antoine Bethea- Can be counted on for big plays been most consistent D player
                  2 Reggie Wayne- If he signs his contract
                  1 Peyton Manning- 6'5 QB with a laser rocket arm

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                    Originally posted by Bob Sanders Dreadlock View Post
                    7 Colt Brennan- FUTURE HOF
                    He would have been #6 on mine too.


                    • #11
                      1. Shane Falco

                      2. Julian Washington

                      3. Rod Tidwell

                      4. Bobby Bouchet

                      5. Lebron James


                      • #12
                        CC.SD, that is an all star team if I've ever seen one.

                        Originally posted by fenikz
                        His soft D really turns me off
                        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                          1 Nnamdi Asomugha
                          2 Peyton Manning
                          3 Ray Lewis
                          4 Jared Allen
                          5 Zach Miller
                          6 Adrian Peterson
                          7 Chad Ochocinco
                          8 Brett Favre
                          9 Ricky Williams
                          10 Richard Seymour

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                          • #14
                            Non Vikings

                            1. Andre Johnson
                            2. Jon Beason
                            3. DeMarcus Ware
                            4. Nnamdi Asomugha
                            5. Randy Moss
                            6. Frank Gore
                            7. Ed Reed
                            8. Steven Jackson
                            9. Patrick Willis
                            10. Trent Cole
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                              1. Jared Allen
                              2. Darnell Dockett
                              3. Brandon Flowers
                              4. Aaron Rodgers
                              5. Patrick Willis
                              6. Ed Reed
                              7. Steven Jackson
                              8. Marshawn Lynch
                              9. Matt Stafford
                              10. Eric Berry
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