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  • Player or Team?

    If your all-time favorite player from your favorite team left, would you follow the player or stay with the team?


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    Both? When Bledsoe left the Pats, I always rooted for him, but was still a Pats fan 100%.


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      As a Chiefs fan I have had this happen with Tony Gonzalez, I was a Chiefs fan before he came and I'm still a fan now.


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        Good thread in the wake of the Lebron James escapades. If Manning went to a division rival(Brett Favre im looking at you) i would burn his jersey. I would do my best to spread rumors that he banged tons of hookers.
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          When Santana Moss was traded from the Jets to the Redskins, I still remained a Jets fan and Washington became my #2.

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            Originally posted by Scout200 View Post
            If your all-time favorite player from your favorite team left, would you follow the player or stay with the team?

            This has only really happened to me regarding baseball. I only became a Red Sox fan because of Pedro Martinez, but I remained loyal to the team after he left.


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              luckily with the lions no player is that good so I haven't had my heart broken yet.

              except by the losses. they hurt.

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                team, especially since im a fan of alot of players before they go pro even when they play on college teams i hate

                but when guys like joey porter leave...even if its because they want more money i tend to root for them still


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                  Team all the way, if Ray Lewis left I would thank him for the memories I had w/ him. I would be bummed but but that is just the nature of the business.


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                    I would stick by my team 100%. And to tell you the truth, I usually hate the team that the ex-player (Randy Moss for example) goes to. If the left on good terms, I would still probably follow them.

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                      Team, unless it's Moorman.

                      I've never started to like a team because a player went there. If I didn't become a Vikings fan after Winfield and Pat Williams went there, I just don't see it happening anytime soon. The closest I can relate was when JP Dumont went to Nashville. I was already a fan, but that really put them up there as my #2 team. If we were to release Schobel and let him sign with another team, I'd probably root for him to get to the playoffs, maybe even win it all, just because I know my team won't be doing it. That would be the new case, for me.


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                        I'll cheer for Brett Favre again when he retires


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                          Team. **** Brett Favre.


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                            I became a Saints fan when they drafted Stallworth, so the trade to Phi made me choose, and I chose team. But I still wish he would do amazing.

                            The I became a LeCharles Bentley fan, then he goes to Cleveland and gets Staph.

                            Then I become a Karney fan, and he gets cut on his wedding day.

                            Im hoping my string stops with Evans and Nicks.


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                              I still cheer for Randy Moss. He is my favorite player of all time.


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