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how come great players arent great coaches?

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    Peyton Manning will be the coach of the Vols the day he retires from the Colts. That'll be awesome.
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      Peyton and Ray Lewis are two players IMO who would be awesome coaches at some point, but I doubt either will do so.

      Pro football is too much of a grind to start over again as an assistant coach.

      If Mike SIngletary had the bank account of Ray Lewis, I don't think he'd be in the coaching game either.


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        Peyton could succeed because he is a true student of the game and perfectionist.
        He has the ability to notice nuances a lot of people dont have.
        I could see Ray doing it to stay in the game. He always seemed like a football lifer to me.

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          Coaches work very long hours on positional work for what is practically no money for the first few years. It is a major grind that stars will feel has little impact and ins't worth their time or ability. If they do really well they will make more but nothing compared to how much they made before.

          You see it a lot more in the NBA because former players are sometimes just handed the head coaching job with no prior experience. You'd see stars become coaches way more if they were handed OC/DC or head coach right from the start.



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