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Rumors fly of new Roethlisberger golf course incident

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      this would have been a much more enthralling story if it was "Big Ben leaves a brown on the green" but only because pooping is always going to make something funnier.

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        Assuming it really was him, never one to sympathize with Big Ben, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

        I agree with the thread consensus that he exercised total brain-dead judgment loss by failing to look around before he did -- talk about absurdity, if this lands him before the Commissioner again, his suspension goes from 3 to 6 games for indecent exposure, sinks the whole 1st half of the Steelers season. Something like that s/b trivial but if it involves Date Rape Roethlisberger it could have a ripple effect through the whole Steelers franchise, & could piss off Rooney so much he just releases him -- here's the new headline on the sports pgs: Public Golf Course Piss Incident Pisses Away Steelers '10 Season.


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          3 pages on ben roethlisberger's urine. Finally a thread I can get behind


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            Ben's put himself in a bad spot is the sad part about it. You can bet there will be chics knowing who he is, who are money hungry looking to get something out of him.

            I'm pretty sure he's going to come across some false rape claims if he doesn't just find a good wholesome chic and settle down with just one and stop the party life. All he has to do is bang some chic, put some scratches in her back and she could run to the police.

            One more rape/sexual assault accusation on him, no matter how much merit, could really ruin his career even if it's completely false, so I hope he realizes this.

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            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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              It's not like this woman hasnt been on a road trip and saw a car parked on the side of the road with someone peeing next to it. Most people just wave at you or ignore you and keep on going but since Ben is worth millions then its worth a lawsuit.


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                Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
                Retards have super human strength. And chimps have the strength of like 10 men. So if you ever see a ******** chimp, run away. Thats a market Hollywood never tackles. ******** chimp movies. Unless you count Vin Diesel movies...and I do!
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                REP for anyone who accurately names the rappers who said this
                Doesn't matter if it is all fat, if he can move better covered in fat, more power to him. SAINTS-TIGERS

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                  GhostFace and MF Doom?
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