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Jason Ferguson calls it quits

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  • Jason Ferguson calls it quits

    The Dolphins previously had planned to make it through the first half of the 2010 season without nose tackle Jason Ferguson, who had been suspended for eight games. Now, they'll have to start making plans for not having him during the second half of the year, too.

    The Dolphins have announced that Ferguson has decided to retire from the game.

    "Jason was a key contributor on three different teams for many years at one of the NFL's toughest jobs," the recently reclusive Bill Parcells said in a statement released by the team. "I am grateful and I will miss him."

    "You get what you put into this game," said Ferguson, who played for the Jets, Cowboys, and Dolphins. "I would like to thank my family, the fans and the organizations that I have been a part of for their continued support throughout my career, it's been an absolute blessing to play this long. I have built a lot of relationships, you develop an extended family playing this game; I would like to thank that extended family, the teammates, the coaches, the support staffs that have all played a part of a great ride."

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    Oh snap! Who's playing NT in MiA anyways?
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      Great Miami, now trade one of your 25 DEs for a NT.


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        Originally posted by Nalej View Post
        Oh snap! Who's playing NT in MiA anyways?
        Randy Starks and Paul Soliai, most likely.


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          Good NT's are pretty hard to find and when a team does find one they don't let them get away more times then not they never see FA just like QB's and LT's.


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            I would say Soliai because dudes massive.


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              The only time Dewayne Robertson ever looked like a half decent player was when he was playing next to Jason Ferguson.


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                This is exactly why I felt like Miami dropped the ball by not landing Dan Williams when they moved back. There were in prime position to pick up a 2nd, and pick up a valuable asset they needed, even if you need to jump a few teams he would have been worth it.

                I feel like they are gonna regret this, even if Starks or whoever does fill in. Yet they constantly keep picking DE's in the first two rounds of the draft like you can't get those guys in the 5th and 6th round.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  I was worried about them moving Randy Starks to NT. He didn't pan out inside when he was with the Titans, but it looked like he had revived his career and proved his draft position at the 5-Tech spot. So they passed on Dan Williams for Odrick, said they were moving Starks inside not out of necessity but because they now had too many DE's, and now Starks will have to stay inside even if he sucks there.

                  I dunno. Maybe he's just matured. He was like 20 when he was drafted, so by the time he hit FA, he was the age of most guys entering their 2nd year in the NFL. Hopefully that's the case, cause I like to see ex-Titans succeed. That could very well be it, but still. I don't like messing with something that works. Especially when the alternative wouldn't have forced the issue.

                  Nevertheless, out of Starks, Merling, Langford, and Odrick, Starks would be the guy I'd move to NT. 6'3, 305+, and great athleticism. Parcells runs a 2-Gap DL though doesn't he? Starks needs to gain weight or else it's just passing downs for him.
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                  Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                    In more important news Kwame Harris is retiring.

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                    Proving the doubters wrong.


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                      It's not called retiring when you get cut from the UFL.


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                        I thought Kwame was gonna be a solid starter. I was horribly wrong.


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                          Wow, the pick of Jared Odrick over Dan Williams is looking pretty bad right now. I am pretty sure Odrick will be a good player in Miami, but I don't think they'd pick him again if they could re-do that now.


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                            Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
                            Wow, the pick of Jared Odrick over Dan Williams is looking pretty bad right now. I am pretty sure Odrick will be a good player in Miami, but I don't think they'd pick him again if they could re-do that now.
                            In order to pick someone over someone they have to be there when its your turn to pick. Williams was drafted before Odrick.

                            Regardless if Williams was there or not, Odrick would still been picked because the plan to move Starks over to NT was made shortly before the draft.

                            Starks was good as a part time NT last year so hopefully he can continue that success full time.

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