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    Hmm for the Colts I am thinking

    Titans - CJ2K (Roos is the logical pick, but our passing game plus CJ2K would be immense!)
    Jags - Eugene Monroe
    Texans - Cushing (Though can you imagine Andre Johnson, Peyton, CJ2K, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark...)

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      Originally posted by vikes_28 View Post
      whoever said Jared Allen as an OLB in the 3-4 is an idiot.
      I think he could do it he might have trouble covering but would still be a beast rushing the passer and stuffing the run.


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        Originally posted by prock View Post
        No Tim Tebow??????????????????????????
        Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeea no. What would he do if I had Rivers lol.
        Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
        Coples is that dude.
        Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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          Originally posted by thenewfeature06 View Post
          Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeea no. What would he do if I had Rivers lol.
          Exactly what he's gonna do for Denver...warm the bench

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            Jets - Nick Mangold
            Dolphins - Jake Long
            Bills - CJ Spiller

            There's a beast of an oline: Long, Mankins, Mangold and Vollmer. I'd kick Kazcur in at guard


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              Pats- Logan Mankins
              Bills- Brian Moorman
              Dolphins- Ronnie Brown
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                Pittsburgh Steelers - Troy Polamalu - Pair him with Reed and it's just unreal.

                Cincinnati Bengals - Jonathan Joseph - Gives us a lockdown corner. Much needed.

                Cleveland Browns - Eric Wright - Wright, Joseph, Foxworth, Webb and Washington with Troy and Ed at safety would easily give us the best defensive backfield in the league.


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                  Chargers - Philip Rivers. He may be a dork and a jerk, but he's an upgrade over Matt Cassel

                  Raiders - This is a tough choice between McClain and Asomugha. One one hand McClain is young but untested at MLB and Asmugha is awesome, but he's been playing for awhile already. Give me Rolando McClain.

                  Broncos - This one is easy, Elvis Dumervil. We have lacked a pass rush since trading Jared Allen. Elvis opposite Hali makes for a good pass rush tandem.


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                    Bears: Julius Peppers. Nothing else appeals to me.
                    Lions: Calvin Johnson. Easy.
                    Vikings: Adrian Peterson. Thought about Hutchinson and Kevin Williams.


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                      For the Texans I would rescue P. Manning, I mean really this is more for my mental health than anything. Every yr. I see this dude twice a yr. with a laser rocket arm dismantling my team. From the Jags, I would probably say Mathis, he'd be our #1 CB, and help us with coverage and pressure. From the Titans..... I wouldn't rescue anybody.... they can all burn for all I care.... in a nice way.


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                        Green Bay Packers - Aaron Rodgers

                        Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson

                        Chicago Bears - Lance Briggs?

                        The team still needs interior line help, but there's not really any worth taking.

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                          Originally posted by JFLO View Post

                          The team still needs interior line help, but there's not really any worth taking.
                          Isn't our division terrible for that? Every team has sucky interior lineman with the exception of Hutch who is older.


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                            for the Saints:

                            from Carolina: Jordan Gross, it almost feels wrong taking an offensive player but another great player on the OLine doesnt hurt for sure and the guy is a baller.

                            from Tampa Bay: Barrett Ruud, would finish pimp out our linebacking corps. wed play him at WLB prolly

                            from Atlanta: John Abraham, why does noone in our division have decent defensive tackles, dammit

                            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                            - Corner or Wideout in the first
                            - No reaching
                            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                              For the Chiefs:

                              Raiders: Aso would be great, but I'm taking McClain. I'm still on his bandwagon hardcore. Too bad he's a Raider. :\

                              Broncos: Dumervil. We need a terror off the edge.

                              Chargers: I can't stand him but I'll go with Rivers. Ugh. Brb, need to take a shower.

                              edit: I just realized I have the same list as King Carl! Oops!

                              Originally posted by fenikz
                              His soft D really turns me off
                              ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                                Eagles- Tough choice, either DeSean Jackson or Asante Samuel. Im gonna go with DeSean Jackson.

                                Redskins- London Fletcher-Baker to give us a solid ILB

                                Cowboys- Mike Jenkins

                                QB- Eli
                                RB- Bradshaw, Jacobs, Brown
                                FB- Hedgecock
                                WR- Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks
                                WR- DeSean Jackson, Mario Manningham
                                TE- Kevin Boss
                                Oline- Same as now

                                Dline- Same as now
                                OLB- Sintim
                                ILB- Fletcher-Baker, Goff, Dillard
                                OLB- Boley
                                CB- Webster
                                FS- Phillips
                                SS- Rolle, Aaron Ross
                                CB- Jenkins
                                NB- TT




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