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    Brent Celek <3


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      I'll be the only skins fan to tell you this, Fred Davis>Chris Cooley.

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        Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
        I'll be the only skins fan to tell you this, Fred Davis>Chris Cooley.
        I'm not a Skins fan, but I totally agree with you. I'd love Davis to step up and be the #1 guy.
        "Not only is Polamalu the best player in the AFC North, but I feel he's the best defensive player in the entire NFL. No defender in the league combines world-class athleticism, smarts, fundamentals, natural football instincts and the knack for big plays better than Polamalu."


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          Gronkandez <3


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            Kellen Winslow is going to rise this year and Freeman will be finding him alot in the endzone.


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              I think Shiancoe is being slightly overrated here but I have to say his improvement since year one with the Vikings has been amazing. He's gone from being a liability to a huge asset, especially in the red zone.


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                Im absolutely shocked that this thread has gone on this long without someone posting a picture of a girl's ass. I mean, come on Splat, you were practically asking for it...
                Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                The APS is strong in this one.
                Originally posted by killxswitch
                Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                  The greatest TE decision of all time was when the Jets passed on a chance at Heath Miller by trading for Doug Jolley and a 2nd round pick that they would later use on either Justin Miller or Mike Nugent - I forget which.

                  That marked the third time in an incredible span where the Steelers somehow (good team at the time) managed to get the best player in the draft at the position they needed the most for four consecutive years...

                  2003: Troy Polamalu when their biggest need was S.
                  2004: Big Ben when their biggest need was QB.
                  2005: Heath Miller at pick #30 because the Jets were stupid when their biggest need was TE.
                  2006: Santonio Holmes in that crazy draft where he and Chad Jackson were considered the top two at WR.

                  I know Big Ben is only arguably the top QB in that class. But no need to argue it, you get the point...
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                    Everyone should take note and mark this down.

                    Rob Gronkowski will have triple digit TDs this year and also be a better blocker than any offensive lineman in the history of the NFL.

                    BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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                      No doubt, the TE position in the NFL has evolved into an impact player in the pros; it's hard to win consistently if you don't have one who can do damage in the passing game.
                      A good pass catching TE is a QB's best friend because the coverage on him is usually not as tight as it might be on a WR.

                      I was a little pissed not to see Chris Cooley listed, but it just goes to show the depth and talent at the position currently in the NFL.


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                        Originally posted by AntoinCD View Post
                        Everyone should take note and mark this down.

                        Rob Gronkowski will have triple digit TDs this year and also be a better blocker than any offensive lineman in the history of the NFL.
                        Unfortunately, this is all true.


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                          Here's hoping Jason Witten gets the lucky bounce this yr, he's due one of those.

                          When the Romo pass hit his heel & Dallas dropped that inaugural home stadium game a yr. ago to the Giants, everyone said God hates Witten/the Cowboys, etc. You get some lucky bounces & you lose some, law of avgs. or whatever. That play was proof you can be Tony Gonzalez or Witten or The Best TE Ever but the QB has to place the ball in a catchable area for you (not on your heels).

                          End of rant


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                            I was going to come in here and put in my homer two cents and I must say I'm glad that everyone else decided to take that route as well. Jermaine Gresham is the NFL's next big star at Tight End and that's not to say Green Bay's Jermichael Finley won't be right there with him with gaudy statistics, creating mismatches all over the field.

                            For those who haven't kept up with the Bengals (and shame on all of you) Jermaine drew more than your typical raves during rookie camps. They absolutely love this kid and I haven't seen the organization/coaching staff/players get behind a rookie like they are with Gresham. He's going to be something special and I don't think it'll take long. He could potentially have a 7-9 Td year as a rookie as a primary receiver in the red-zone. I get a giddy schoolgirl feeling inside just talking about the guy.

                            Originally posted by
                            Head coach Marvin Lewis, of course, isn’t as bombastic. But he realizes that a big advantage is that the rookies aren't being asked to do very much.

                            “We’re not majorly putting them in there and saying, ‘Boy you have to do this from Game One,’ ” Lewis says.

                            The exception is first-rounder Jermaine Gresham, the Oklahoma tight end that looked too good to be true in the spring. How deep are the Bengals? Lewis jokes that when Gresham couldn’t go in the last practice of the rookie camp, he wondered to tight ends coach Jon Hayes how they could possibly work since Gresham was the only reason they were having the camp.
                            Marvin Lewis, Bob Bratkowski, and Jonathan Hayes all seem deeply impressed by him & they've shown enthusiasm that they simply did not have when guys like Andre Smith, Keith Rivers, and Leon Hall started working out. Simply put, Jermaine Gresham could be the revelation in the Bengals passing game necessary for them to take a step forward and become Super Bowl contenders.... Let's get football season started already

                            big props to BoneKrusher for the sig & avatar
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                              I don't think I could be a homer in this thread if I tried. Our best TE of the decade was Riemersma and he left in '02.


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                                I am biased, but the two best AND nicest TEs I got the pleasure of meeting were Gonzo in Atlanta, and Jason W. at a camp run by Coach Garrett. Both were the coolest guys. Gonzo is very friendly and more outgoing while Jason W. is the quiet guy, but equally as nice when you talk to him. Only regret was not getting Jason's autograph. I thought I had time, but he had to leave early.



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