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Your top three rival games you like watching.

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  • Your top three rival games you like watching.

    With football season around the corner, I'd like to get some people's thoughts about the most interesting rival games they like watching every year (or most years depending on the matchups). Here are my top three to kick it off:

    1. Patriots/Colts
    2. Ravens/Bengals
    3. 49ers/Cardinals

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    Mines pretty much the same.

    1. Redskins/Cowboys
    2. Pats/Colts
    3. Bengals/Ravens(almost every game in that division is fun to watch.)

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        1. Giants/Cowboys (Always my favorite two games of the year.)

        2. Patriots/Colts (This one is always a great game, two HoFs going at it.)

        3. Ravens/Steelers (Tough, hard-nosed, defensive football, though it might be as good as usual with the Steelers seemingly on the decline this game is still fun to watch.)

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          1. Any NFC EAST game.
          2. Jets/Dolphins
          3. Colts/Patriots

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            Maybe Im just a homer, but its hard to imagine any rivalry even coming close touching Pack/Vikings right now. It was already one of the most heated rivalries in the game but the Favre factor made it absolutely ridiculous. Minnesota vaulted way ahead of the Bears in the team most hated by Cheeseheads category.

            Other than Packers rivalry games though my fave is probably Steelers/Ravens then Pats/Colts.


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              Chiefs vs Raiders
              Chiefs vs Broncos
              Chiefs vs Chargers

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                1. Bengals/Steelers - I root: Bengals
                2. Bengals/Ravens - Bengals
                3. Colts/Patriots - Colts
                4. Eagles/Cowboys - Eagles
                5. Ravens/Steelers - Typically Baltimore unless the other really benefits my team

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                  SF @ AZ
                  AZ @ SF
                  Pitt v Bal


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                    I dont know what team I hate more the Giants or Eagles...but those games are always fun. Except when the Eagles were really good and Dallas was always 5-11. Those werent pretty.

                    I dont ever see the Skins as a threat, so that's normally just another game. Last few years I fully expected Dallas to crush them, but the games were normally close.

                    Pats/Colts is always great.


                    And I absolutely hate AFC North I dont look forward to any of their rivalries.
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                      Yeah, I agree with Mr. Regular. Maybe I am just being a homer, but seriously, Vikings vs. Packers is completely underrated as a rivalry.


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                        Patriots vs Colts: This is between the two most consistent teams in the last decade. I used to like it a lot more when Brady really had Manning's number and the Patriots where winning more than they lost. Recently though the games have been really exciting. It also helps that it is pretty much an every year game.

                        Vikings vs Packers: I like this game more than any game not involving the Patriots. I just hope the Packers offensive line is a bit better this year so I can watch Aaron Rodgers stand up.

                        Raiders vs Chiefs: I'm not even sure why I like this game so much but the atmosphere at Arrowhead in this game from what I can tell seems amazing. Just hoping both these teams can get better so it will be a better game.

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                          Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
                          And I absolutely hate AFC North I dont look forward to any of their rivalries.

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                            i like the steelers/ravens, colts/patriots, and cowboys/eagles


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                              raiders v 49ers
                              packers v vikings
                              colts v ravens



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