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    Originally posted by CDCB14 View Post
    to be honest, why is peyton manning above all the rest? he plays in a dome, has had quality recievers his entire career, and while his regular season stats are fantastic, he has won one superbowl... against the rex grossman lead bears... and cost his team another by throwing the ball right into tracy porter chest plate. now im going to get blasted because i said the all mighting god of peyton manning isnt the best, but please someone counterpoint me. i think my point are valid. ill take a healthy brady or manning any day of the week. before manning beat the grossman led bears... he had the same playoff stigma as romo. isnt manning like 9-8 all time? so he's been to the playoffs nine times with one ring to show for it.... yeah....
    His playoff concerns are legitimate, but he still has a ring. If you watch the Colts, you will see how no quarterback does more for their team than Peyton. His line sucks balls, but he doesn't need a good line because he is the best at adjusting his line and getting rid of the ball quickly. Manning has also won 4 MVPs.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.



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