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    Originally posted by thenewfeature06 View Post
    Failed first conditioning test though according to FOXsports...

    Unbelievable. He's making all that money and he won't even stay in shape.

    The Shanahan doghouse is not the best place to be.

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      It must the the system's fault that Haynesworth is out of shape. That's his excuse for being a malcontent, so maybe he can think of a way to use it as a excuse for not being in shape.


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        Hayneworth failed his conditioning test today. Per ESPN text message.

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          Booo, Albert you know it sucks there, force them to trade you to NY and come win a ring with the giants just to stick it to them. We wanted you for you and wouldn't try to change you plus you'd get Tuck, Osi, Kiwi, JPP, Canty and Alford playing around you and letting you take breaks when you need them.


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          JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
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          Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
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          Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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            Diabsolu no disrespect just look up about 3 posts from yours lol
            Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
            Coples is that dude.
            Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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              You know what he is???



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                Albert is not out of shape; when he showed up at Redskins Park, Shanny had him do 3 sets of 300 yard shuttle runs the length of the football field.

                That is a TOUGH conditioning test that AH was set up to fail, IMO.


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                  I heard that he lost 40 lbs. this off season and his personal trainer came out and basically put his reputation on the line by backing Haynesworth. Terrence Cody had to do 2 sets of 25 yard sprints while back peddling on the return, yet Haynesworth had to do 2 sets of 300 yard suicides? Seems like Shanny is trying to make him look bad.


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                    Yeah, boo hoo, a ******* D tackle can't do 2 sets of 300 yard suicides on the first day of camp. What a ******* slob. Anyone can do that with one ******* leg chopped off, it's super easy. Especially for a guy who will have to run like 10 yards maximum on any given play.

                    Give it up Halsey, dude is a beast.

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                    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                      Running 300 yard sprints is a barbaric torture for Haynesworth. Hopefully Shanny breaks him down mentally and physically. Put Haynesworth in his place he definitely could use it.
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                        Finally some pictures. Looks svelte.

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                          600 yards in sprints is stupid for Albert. Especially on the first day of camp. This dude hasn't run 600 yards his whole career.
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                            He has no heart. Only got good right before his contract was up and the minute he gets the money he complains about everything and cant even pass a conditioning test.

                            I want winners. I want people who want to win.
                            Cant play with him. Cant win with him. Cant coach with him. Cant do it.


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                              Originally posted by Halsey View Post
                              It must the the system's fault that Haynesworth is out of shape. That's his excuse for being a malcontent, so maybe he can think of a way to use it as a excuse for not being in shape.
                              The test is to run 25 yards, bend down to the ground, get up, and repeat that action 11 more times. Then he gets a 3 minute break. Then he does it again...all while timed.

                              I'm 6 feet tall (6 inches less to bend down than Al), 220 lbs (about 100 lbs less to accelerate, decelerate, and carry than Al). I'm no runner, but I'm very well-conditioned by our society's standards. I work out five days a week (20 minutes cardio, then on to my lifting, kind of like a lineman). I'm less than a year older than Haynesworth. I tried to do this test Saturday, and I can't pass it anymore. I could...barely...when I was a 21 year old linebacker. The test was torture for me even then. The shuttle aspect of it makes it worlds harder than just running 600 yards in a decent time. Not a single lineman on my team had to run this test. Theirs was much shorter.

                              ...and it's a joke that people expect him to try on consecutive days. This test will swell your knees/ankles and leave hamstrings sore for days. You're much less likely to pass it the day after your first attempt.

                              The guy lost 30 or 40 lbs in the offseason. If he was in good enough shape to be the best member of the Skins defense last year, he's certainly in good enough shape to practice now. Make no mistake, this is Shanahan trying to establish himself as the dominant male in that clubhouse. He had no expectation of Al passing this.


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                                Exactly, plus rep to the above poster. Not many people can pass this test while being timed.



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