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  • for anyone whos torn there acl does it still give you problems and feel like it will give out like a year later cause thats the problem with mine.
    Get my reco in a couple of weeks so can't tell you, have a mate who has had 3 and they always feel fine he says but obviously it is always in the back of your mind.

    If you haven't had a reconstruction then of course it will feel like that, the ACL is one of the few parts of the body that will not heal naturally over time, it will try and grow back but it wont, it will just sort of fill up space. Seriously though, if you do need a reco, ask about LARS(Ligament Augmentation Reconstructive Surgery) with a specialist and see if they know anything about it. You are back on your feet in a couple of days and if you rehab right will be back in sport in 3 months instead of the usual 3-4 weeks before back on the feet and 9 months rehab and recovery to be back in sport.

    I tore an ACL on the field in high school and sprained an MCL at the gym earlier this year. I swear the sprained MCL hurt twice as much as the torn ACL.
    Yep... that is the normal. You will really only feel pain in the ACL when you do really unnatural movements and the chances of doing an ACL without one of the MCL or PCL with it are pretty low, but every step you take you will feel an MCL injury and when you straighten your legs and just about anything you do.

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    • And with the 1st pick in the 2011 Draft, the Broncos select....

      Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on August 6, 2010 2:35 PM ET
      Let's just end the debate: The Broncos have endured the worst luck thus far in training camp.

      Just minutes after we made a post chronicling their troubles, the Denver Post reports that linebacker Jarvis Moss broke his hand. Right guard Chris Kuper and running back LenDale White also left practice with injuries on Friday.

      Kuper will miss "some practice time" while Moss should be out at least two weeks following surgery. With Elvis Dumervil gone for 4-6 months, the Broncos need Moss and last year's first-round pick Robert Ayers to step up their pass rushing production.


      • What the hell kind of camp are they running in Denver?


        • Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
          What the hell kind of camp are they running in Denver?
          Military Mine Detonation?


          • **Adalius Thomas, Aaron Schobel, and Leonard Little cough a little**

            Props to clover_jeez!


            • Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn View Post
              **Adalius Thomas, Aaron Schobel, and Leonard Little cough a little**
              Even moderate production from any of those guys, 2 of whom have little to no experience in the 3-4, wouldn't even come close to replacing Dum.

              He was literally the one player Denver absolutely couldn't afford to lose and still hope to be even slightly competative.


              • Originally posted by njx9
                to be fair, if we lose clady, we don't win a single game, period. losing doom hurts just as much as losing clady would have.

                either way, if adalius thomas had even 'average' left, i somehow think he'd still be a patriot.
                Well, losing Clady now would probably result in 0 wins...if you lost him but still had Dum, I think you'd survive with a couple.


                • If I could have added any single player to my Packers roster this off-season, it would have been Doom.
                  Perhaps that's part of the reason why our GM avoids the big priced FA's?


                  • As a Chiefs fan I hate Denver but I would not wish what is going on with them on any team.


                    • perhaps this is Josh's solution to the late season fade? If all our good players miss the first half of the season, then they will be fresh when the rest of the league is tiring mid-season. We could still go 8-8, just the reverse of the normal way we get there.


                      • Marcus Spears out 4-6 weeks

                        Alex Barron also hurt. Out Sunday most likely.

                        The Twitters



                          Nick Kaczur might done for the season


                          • Decker and Bay Bay both with foot/ankle injuries. This just keeps getting better.


                            • 49ers OLB Ahmad Brooks is out indefinitely with a lacerated kidney.


                              • Wow, that really sucks.


                                Originally posted by JordanTaber
                      's rocket surgery now, folks.



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