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  • Make your team's case FOR & AGAINST

    Why my Packers will win the Super Bowl this season:

    #1- Offense is as good as any in the NFL.
    Once the Packers got their OT spots settled last year, they lit up the scoreboard like the 4th of July nighttime skies. They finished the season with a 7-1 2nd half, and then lit up the Cardinals for 45 at Arizona in their one playoff game.
    With Rodgers arm, accuracy, and running ability, with deep WRs, a stud TE in Finley, a very consistent and productive Ryan Grant at RB-without all the fumbles of others in our division- and now depth on the OL, this offense shouldn't need to carry a punter on the roster.

    #2- Run Defense was tops in the NFL last year in year-1 of the Capers 3-4 system, and now Raji is healthy and the team has added 2 new good DL to the roster.

    Why my Packers won't win the Super Bowl this season:
    #1- Fact: In 2 games against Minnesota, 1 against Pittsburgh and the playoff loss to Arizona, quarterbacks Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner combined to throw 15 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions against the Packer defense.

    Those 3 QBs completed 99 of 138 passes (71.7%) for 1,397 yards and combined for an average passer rating of 140.3. That's 349 yards per game.

    Mileage like that is not a fluke.
    Can Capers fix it, does he have enough cover ability on the roster to solve it?

    #2- Special Teams. Our special teams is terrible, year after year. From terrible kick returners to horrible punt & kick coverage units, to no punter. Even our big legged kicker Mason Crosby has had more than his share of struggles, much like the yips Tom Watson had in his 40's with the short putts.

    Now, who else?
    I can see cases made for at least a dozen-15 teams.
    State your case, but don't forget the reason why it might not happen.

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    1. Top to bottom we're one of if not the most talented team in the league. Not a lot of weak spots other than the secondary and a few spots on the O-line.

    2. Explosive offense capable of beating you in a lot of ways. On the ground, short passing game with Shiancoe/Harvin, and can also get the big play with Rice/Harvin/AD.

    3.Best D-line/Pass rush in the league

    4. Brett Favre


    1. Injuries. Sidney Rice, Cedric Griffin, Antoine Winfield and EJ Henderson are all already banged up and we got pretty lucky with the injury bug last year until the very end. It could catch up with us.

    2. Safety play. Terrible.

    3. Roster is a little older than I'd like it.

    4. Brett Favre.
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      For: Alex Smith finally comes through
      Against: Alex Smith doesnt come through... or Frank Gore gets hurt.

      Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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        -Offense is too young
        -Secondary is awful
        -Troubles generating pass rush
        -We're the Lions
        I'm a state.


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          Why are the Browns going to win the Superbowl?

          Alternative Theory: Strike shortened season where the Browns are the only team that cross the picket lines.

          Why aren't the Browns going to win the Superbowl?

          We have Jake Delhomme and a bunch of hopefullys and maybes at receivers, so we may be running the single wing to win games again.


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            Why the saints will win the SB
            1 Drew Brees
            2 the rest of the offense
            3 our defensive backfield

            none of which warrant much explanation

            Why the saints wont win the SB
            1 our outside linebackers are the worst pair in the entire league
            2 Brees is on the cover of Madden
            3 Run defense is mediocre at best

            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
            - Corner or Wideout in the first
            - No reaching
            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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              Eli quietly had a good year last year despite young recievers and steve smith had the least publicized 100 catch season in history. With the recievers getting another year to adjust and improve, i expect the passing game to be top notch

              The injuries that crushed that defense are a thing of the past (minus kenny phillips) and with Rolle coming in it looks like the safety spot may be a little stronger opposite phillips once hes healthy and if he can stay healthy.

              We have a potentially killer pass rush. Tuck is great when healthy but that can be an issue at times, Osi if he returns to form, kiwi has shown flashes, and a top pick DE in JPP. personally, the only one i really trust fully is a healthy Tuck and Osi when he wants to, not a big kiwi guy and who knows with JPP. But there if we get the lead and they need to pass and catch up, weve got some guys who can really get after the QB and be beastly.


              The O line, a recent strong point, looked soft running the ball last year. granted, running sweeps and stretch zone plays with jacobs was very stupid to begin with but there wasnt a lot of running room either way. we'll see if they return to form this year.

              The middle of the dline, in my opinion our biggest personell (sorry cant spell it) weakness going into the offseason. they were awful last year, bad against the run and non existent against the pass. Idk if Joseph is the answer as hes unproven and even if hes good idk if hes enough to fix that on his own.

              The play calling and d coordinator. the play calls for BJ were terrible as a said before, if that crap continues then it will kill a potentially good offense. Then theres the D. Can the pass rush step back up? it wasnt too good last year and this secondary could be very good with a little help. also, will we man up and bumb at the line or play zones? it sounds like zone coverage is in our future and if thats true idk how our corners stack up, in man theyre a very good group but in zone theyre a bit of an unknown quantity.
              Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
              Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                -Shanahan's running game
                -veteran QB
                -actual talent on the offensive and defensive lines.
                -better attitude
                -more accountability (hopefully)


                -No one has stepped up at reciever
                -lack of Chemistry between McNabb and receivers
                -transition from 4-3 to 3-4

                Seems like the Redskins have the same question every year. Can they overcome their lack of continuity and play like a team? They always have a talented roster.

                The big change that's gotten me excited this year more than in years past is the attention paid to the lines coupled with a successful, proven coach and qb.

                There's a lot of distance between me and the team and that gap is compounded by the pr machines spinning stories left and right so i think it's difficult as a fan to get the pulse of the team when you're bombarded with so much propaganda in the offseason.


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                  There is no case FOR the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.


                  - Little to no pass rush
                  - Can't stop the run
                  - Receivers drop too many catchable passes
                  - The defense is bad on all three levels

                  Originally posted by fenikz
                  His soft D really turns me off
                  ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                    - #4 ranked defense returns all starters plus added Dunlap and healthy Antwan Odom
                    - Added Antonio Bryant, T.O., Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham to passing game
                    - Carson Palmer healthy

                    - Brutal schedule
                    - Palmer can't stay healthy
                    - Andre Smith STILL not healthy or practicing. He is the key to improving the rather poor pass protection from 2009 season.


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                      For the Baltimore Ravens:
                      Improved Pass attack
                      Growth of Joe Flacco
                      Emergence of Ray Rice
                      Great o-line play

                      Against the Baltimore Ravens:
                      Woeful secondary, our top 3 guys have torn ACL's
                      some stars are aging on defense(Lewis, Reed, Pryce, Gregg)
                      Jared Gaither is a bum


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                        - Jay Cutler is the most talented QB the Bears have least in my lifetime.
                        - Major speedz at the receiver positions
                        - Cluster of average to above-average TE's, couple well rounded ones too
                        - Forte and Chester Taylor are excellent backs for a Mike Martz offense
                        - Urlacher healthy brings more veteran leadership to the defense
                        - Peppers is a big upgrade at DE over Alex Brown and Ogun
                        - Young talent on the d-line will hopefully show development in the 2nd year under Marinelli

                        - Cutler throws too many picks
                        - Offense line is absolute horse ****...possibly amongst the worst in the league at run blocking
                        - Talent is there at receiver, production is not yet...
                        - Secondary is awful outside of group has to be amongst the league's worst


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                          -We still got the Steel Curtain, our pass rush even improved from league elit with the addion of Worilds + Gibson
                          -Polamalu is back!
                          -McFadden is back! *** is back to nickel or dime

                          -Even with Troy and Bryant our sec still needs a lot of improvement
                          -Ben suspension
                          -Holmes trade
                          -Randle El, Battle blocking the way of Sanders and Brown to prove their worth
                          -We still need a good FB
                          -Bruce Arians
                          -Our Dline is old as hell
                          "Not only is Polamalu the best player in the AFC North, but I feel he's the best defensive player in the entire NFL. No defender in the league combines world-class athleticism, smarts, fundamentals, natural football instincts and the knack for big plays better than Polamalu."


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                            Originally posted by tenorx View Post
                            -We still got the Steel Curtain, our pass rush even improved from league elit with the addion of Worilds + Gibson
                            -Polamalu is back!
                            -McFadden is back! *** is back to nickel or dime

                            -Even with Troy and Bryant our sec still needs a lot of improvement
                            -Ben suspension
                            -Holmes trade
                            -Randle El, Battle blocking the way of Sanders and Brown to prove their worth
                            -We still need a good FB
                            -Bruce Arians
                            -Our Dline is old as hell
                            What can you give us for a young DL prospect and a good FB?
                            Any excess OLB or CB's?


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                              - McDaniels is waaaay smarter than everyone realises
                              - Orton and the rest of the o-line now understand what Josh's plays actually call for them to do
                              - The extra depth on defense means we dont fall apart in the second half of the season (for a change)

                              - McDaniels is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is
                              - Our best o-line now includes two rookies
                              - Our best WR is currently Jabar Gaffney
                              - Our QB is Kyle Orton



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