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Best RECEIVING-TE of our era

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  • Best RECEIVING-TE of our era

    It's not 100% about statistics as each guy had a different QB, offense, scheme, opportunities, etc.

    But in your opinion, who is/was the best receiving TE of our era. I guess Shannon Sharpe is as far back as I will go here.

    People in PackerLand, and across the USA, are excited about Jermichael Finley. I've heard all kinds of projections. His final 7 games last year, after being out with the knee for a few weeks, would indicate that 80 catches, 1000 yards, 8-10 TDs are not out of the question.

    By the way, this really shows how truly great Tony Gonzalez has been/is. Look at his stats.
    One one hand, it's even more special since he hasn't had a great QB ever there in Kansas City. But on the other hand, he was the offense and got tons of balls thrown his way. Still, the production, off the charts for the former Final Four Basketball starter with Jason Kidd at Cal.

    Shannon Sharpe
    14 seasons
    815 receptions
    10,060 yards
    12.3 per catch
    62 TDs
    Career Bests: 87 catches, 1,107 yards, 10 TDs

    Tony Gonzalez
    14 seasons
    999 receptions
    11,807 yards
    11.8 per catch
    82 TDs
    Career Bests: 102 catches, 1,258 yards, 11 TDs

    Antonio Gates
    7 seasons (man, seems like longer)
    479 receptions
    6,223 yards
    13.0 per catch
    59 TDs (including the last 8 with 8+ TDs)
    Career Bests: 89 catches, 1,157 yards, 13 TDs

    Jason Witten
    7 seasons also, like Gates
    523 receptions
    5,965 yards
    11.4 per catch
    27 TDs (this is the stat that kills him, and my fantasy team last year)
    Career Bests: 96 catches, 1,145 yards, 7 TDs (all in 2007)

    Dallas Clark
    7 seasons also, like Gates & Witten. What a class.
    Stats pale in comparison, slower to blossom because of Harrison & Wayne.
    Career Bests: 100 catches, 1,106 yards, 11 TDs

    TE Sidenotes

    Kellen Winslow, Chargers (different era)
    9 seasons
    541 catches
    6,741 yards
    12.5 per catch
    45 TDs
    Career Bests: 89 catches, 1,290 yards, 10 TDs

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    Tony Gonzalez.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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      If Gates had played football his whole career I would go with him but because he did not Tony G is the correct answer


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        My era I would say Dallas Clark.. Trust me I know Gonzo and Sharpe were sick but I didn't get to see much of them in there prime I was like probably 8 or 9 still learning. Clark is extremely dangerous in the pass game and will have a very good career down the road.
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        Coples is that dude.
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          Gates was the most dominant, Gonzalez was the most consistently great. Tie.


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            I dont think "receiving TE" is a fair label on Gonzalez.

            He is great at all aspects of the TE position.

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              Originally posted by Brent View Post
              I dont think "receiving TE" is a fair label on Gonzalez.

              He is great at all aspects of the TE position.
              Kudos to you sir. Gonzo was a balanced TE but a better pass catcher than blocker I guess.
              Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
              Coples is that dude.
              Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

              Orioles - Raiders - UNC - Nuggets/Wizards


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                Would that be the John Mackey award? I'd probably include guys like Jay Novacek who won 3 superbowls with Dallas. Moor modern probably Shannon Sharpe but i like Gates the best in recent memory.


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                  Ben Coates as an option? It's Shannon Sharpe, but Ben Coates is #1b, imo.
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                    Out of what I've seen in their careers, Gates is the most dominant and probably the best pure receiver of the group.

                    Gonzo is the most well rounded as he is a great receiver and great blocker as others have said.


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                      JerMichael Finley is clearly the answer
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                        Kellen Winslow Jr, what a waste. I think that guy had more ability than Gates, Witten, Clark, maybe even Gonzalez.

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                          Witten and Gonzo can actually block so they probably shouldnt be mentioned. Winslow has physical talent but you need something between the ears. Waiting for someone to mention my alltime favorite, Russ Francis. (guess i just mentioned him)


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                            Tony Gonzalez.

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                              Tony G by far.



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