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Who is the Best RB from 2009 & 2010 Drafts?

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    chris ivory is the obvious pick

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      Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
      Edge? What about over Ricky...Ricky Williams in his prime is one of the best RBs Ive ever seen play. If he wasn't so damn ridiculous (Don't get me wrong, I love him...but the **** he pulled was ridiculous), I think we would be talking about one of the best ever in Ricky.

      Well, I could see teh argument over Ricky. Not that Faulk was even close to as good, but Ricky was very mentally weak and couldn't put it together for the Saints, finally got it together, and then just up and quit. Faulk has at least been a steady weapon.

      I wouldn't take Faulk over even two years of Miami Ricky though.

      Damn Ricky was so good when he wanted to be =/
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        Originally posted by SeanTaylorRIP View Post
        Arian Foster should be on this list.
        Very, very nice call...


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          Originally posted by NotRickJames View Post
          Also, aren't the Chiefs using McCluster as a receiver primarily?
          He did most of his work in OTA's/Camp at WR but then in the preseason he spent more time at RB so it's wait and see really.


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            Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
            ...Just pointing out that it was quite a talented group to be calling Best, well, the best when he's done absolutely nothing in a regular season game was crazy...

            Best wasn't the highest pick of the group meaning he clearly wasn't seen as the top RB.
            He didn't have the best college career, either.
            I guess what he has right now over most of the other guys is speed, and oppurtunity which doesn't make him better. See DHB.
            I know, I'm a crazy mofo that doen't know what I'm talking about, so just ignore me!

            Also, I don't care too much where guys are picked in the draft - that's someone else's opinion. I look at players, highlights, their skills, etc. and come up with my own opinion.


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              Based on what I've seen so far (college and pro), Jahvid Best or CJ Spiller. I'd say Beanie Wells is the most physically talented overall though - size, speed, etc. I just don't like the fact he gets injured alot to me for a a back of his caliber IMO.
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                How about the guy who just rushed for 120 and 3 TDs today? LeSean McCoy. I'm certainly not trying to say he is the best but he deserves a mention especially if guys like Ivory, Tate, Dixon, Hardesty, Gerhart, Scott and McCluster are getting nods.

                Also consider that McCoy has been much more effective than CJ Spiller, Ryan Matthews and on par with Best, Wells (rookie season), Moreno (again, rookie season), Shonn Greene and Arian Foster is a one game wonder.

                I'd rank them right now as:
                1. Jahvid Best
                2. Beanie Wells
                3. LeSean McCoy
                4. Knowshon Moreno
                5. Greene/Foster
                -Foster is a one game wonder right now, he averaged 3.6 yards a carry in his follow up effort and Greene is just a playoff wonder, he flashed big time against Oakland and rushed for over 300 yards in the playoffs but outside of those games he has 0 rushing touchdowns, he has only scored in 3 games he has played in.


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                  I think Greene and Moreno are best built to be high carry backs with top total career yards. I'll take Best for my team every Sunday though. CJ Spiller #2. Beanie Wells will only be remembered for his draft position in a few years.

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                    I think Foster can be a perennial 1,000 yard rusher for the Texans especially with their passing game. He is the perfect one cut and go rusher. He has power and pretty good speed. He's also ok in the pass game, all around such a solid runner and in the perfect situation .

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