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    Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
    You can dance around the point all you want, njx9.

    The fact remains, by any standard you want to apply, that Plax was convicted and sentenced, (in my opinion and I'd bet that of many others), under a very flawed, unprecedented, illegal gun law.

    However, to reach such a conclusion requires someone to think more profoundly than, 'well, it's the law, he got what he deserved'.

    No law is infallible, or above criticism.
    I still can't believe nobody has really challenged the constitutionality of the gun laws in NYC and DC, but that's a whole other discussion and, unfortunately, one that can't be made here.

    I really wish we could talk politics/religion/etc. on here, because there's a lot of really intelligent posters on here, and I would love to read some of their opinions on things of that nature. But, for whatever reason, the irrational ruin things for the rational and the topics just descend into massive flamewars.


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      The thing is, everyone thinks that he'd only get away with a lighter sentence bc he was a celebrity, but that's actually not necessarily true in this case.

      In this case, him being a celebrity actually made his sentence harsher than it would be for most average joes.

      I know you guys want to look at the letter of the law and assume that an average joe would get the same punishment, but that is simply not true. A lot of average joes get reduced sentences when circumstances are factored into what transpired.

      If you were a normal citizen, who's brother was just robbed at gun point, and you got a gun for protection and it went off and you shot yourself, and you had no prior record, plus your gun was registered, just in a different state, there would definitely be a possibility that you would get a lighter sentence bc of your circumstances.

      Especially if...well, I won't say it.

      Plax got the max penalty over politics. The legal system had no choice but to give him the max sentence bc of Bloomberg. He wanted to send a message. If Plax was a regular guy, his chances of getting reduced sentence in this situation actually dramatically increases.


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        Haha, no way I'm reading all of that. I've derailed this thread enough (as a mod shouldn't you be saying this?) and I've accomplished my goal of notifying you that your posts are silly. If you want to send 10 pages of snarky, empty multi-quoted complaints please send me a PM.

        Free Plax!



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