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P.Manning vs M.Vick vs J.Elway..Most talented Prospect

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    Say what you want about Brett Favre, but he's been the starting QB for his team every game for two decades. Every game. The teams Favre has started for have been in the playoffs all but like 2 or 3 years. The teams he started for have only had a losing record one or two of those years, I believe. Don't let the media hype and diva qualities fool you, Favre is ridiculously good.


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      See, the way this question is phrased, the answer is Michael Vick. If the question was who was the best prospect instead of the most talented prospect the answer would be Elway. Between the ears Manning is better than both of them, Elway is a great combination of athleticism and intelligence but in terms of talent, no QB prospect ever can touch Vick.

      We're not likely to ever see a prospect comparable to Vick ever again, sure we might get a Pat White, Tyrod Taylor or a Robert Griffin every once in a while but not even the best running QBs today can touch Vick in terms of athleticism. Michael Vick ran a 4.25 40 yard dash at Virginia Tech and he ran a 4.36 at a post-draft mini-camp, the conditions of which likely didn't contribute to a fantastic 40 yard dash. And the guy probably still has the strongest arm in the NFL, Vick is very inaccurate but one thing is for sure, the guy can flick the ball 60 yards with the flick of a wrist. And the guy in his prime was the most elusive player since Barry Sanders, the guy was a blur on the field.

      I dare you to find me any other QB who could do this:

      You can't. In terms of talent, Vick is the most talented QB prospect ever IMO simply because no prospect is ever likely to match that speed, arm strength, elusiveness and athletic ability ever again.

      Now if you're asking who is the best QB prospect ever instead of the most talented, thats different and its likely Elway.



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