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Steelers lean toward Charlie Batch as starter

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  • Steelers lean toward Charlie Batch as starter

    Report: Steelers lean toward Charlie Batch as Week One starter

    Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Steelers are "likely" to give Batch the nod against the Falcons.

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    over DD???? why????

    They must be scared of DD playing good enough to start where it'd create a qb controversy when ben comes back or force DD to look into demanding a trade (or leaving when he's a free agent) :D


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      I speak on behalf of all Falcons fans: thank you.


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        Living in "Stiller Nation" this has been discussed on talk radio ad nauseum for several days. A great number of Steeler fans wanted Dixon to start over Leftwich and few, if any ever mentioned Batch as a possibility. As soon as Dixon had a bad preseason game, everyone jumped off the bandwagon and began clamoring for Batch. It's amazing that Mike Tomlin would start Roethlisberger in the final preseason game because of the "importance it was for Ben to get reps with the 1st team" all the while Batch has barely gotten reps with ANY depth squad all offseason.

        It's gotten so ridiculous amongst some fans that people have said that Randle-El, Ward, or Battle could play QB. LULZ


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          do they just not trust Dixon or what?

          "gee let's go with the ******* old vet because at least he wont try too hard to make plays!"

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            Originally posted by Brent View Post
            do they just not trust Dixon or what?

            "gee let's go with the ******* old vet because at least he wont try too hard to make plays!"
            They think Dixon has the most potential to LOSE games. They want to keep him on the roster for some reason. I'm sorry but if you don't trust a player well enough to start ahead of Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch, I have no idea why he stays on your squad.


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              Dixon is a boom or bust player (not overall, but on the field) he's the kind of guy who's either going to force things and turn the ball over or stall drives or he'll give you big bursts of production.

              Batch is a more stable game manager and I'm guessing the coaches believe that having a guy who can dink and dunk occasionally with the running game trying to get going is a better option.

              I don't necessarily agree with it against the Falcons, but I can see their logic.


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                I like Batch. I'd like for him to start. I want Dixon to start, but I know Dixon has a chance to lose more games than win. He'll still play, though.


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                  Hopefully it's true.


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                    I don't know why people are so high on Dixon?


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                      Batch has done good for them in the past. Both Dixon and Batch have potential to really hold this team above water while Big Ben comes back.


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                        I've heard of two theories as to why the Steelers won't start Dennis Dixon, and neither has anything to do with him being a bad player.

                        There are rumors out there that he doesn't know the playbook, blew it in that preseason game....whatever. He was their primary backup last year and got a start vs. one of the leagues traditionally great defenses in the Ravens, and he didn't embarass himself. Apparently he knows the playbook well don't keep a QB around that doesn't know it to that degree. It would simply be stupid.

                        The two theories that are more believable have to do with the Steelers wanting to avoid a controversy when Ben comes back and not wanting to pay Dixon a lot of money after this season when he becomes a RFA.

                        Firstly, if Leftwich or Batch played well in the games that Ben was out for, no one would really clamor for them to be long term starters and take Ben's job. If a young, athletic, non-rapist playmaker like Dixon were to play would be much a much harder sell to the fanbase and media to pull him for a potentially rusty Ben who has a lot of negative pub going on for him.

                        And as I said, after this season, Dixon will be a RFA (Assuming a new CBA doesn't change that.) If he were to play well, with all of the team that could need a legit QB in the league, it would become hard for the Steelers to keep him. If tendered at the highest RFA level, the Steelers would get back a 1st and a 3rd from any team who signs him. So what if your a team like the Vikings...likely picking in the last half of the first round, built to win now, and in need of a long-term QB. Why draft someone completely unproven when you could send a 1st and a 3rd for a proven playmaker in the NFL like Dixon?

                        The Steelers may really like what they have in Dixon, and they have reason to keep him around...they just want to do so as cheaply as is possible. I mean, Ben is one stupid act away from a year or longer suspension in the NFL.

                        I think that it's a combination of those two things that's holding him back. It's all about the politics.


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                          Now my 6-10 Steelers prediction is closer to the truth, or not.


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                            Fans want Dixon to start because he's the more athletic, entertaining player. I imagine the Steelers would start him if he was the more effective QB at leading the offense.


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                              Dixon just isn't ready. I was on the bandwagon, the one game he played last year, I was there live and wanted him to start, but he isn't ready to take on NFL defenses. He still can't read defenses and pulls an Akili Smith most of the time in that aspect. He is athletic, and still young, but he doesn't give the team the best chance to win. The Steelers best chance to win is play excellent defense, run, and not make crucial mistakes. Batch won't, Lefty won't, Dixon may. We saw it against Denver in the preseason, he just isn't there yet.

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