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Is Special Teams really 1/3 of the game?

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    i feel like sp teams is so important its more then 1/3. Im field position is so important in this game and if the other team is starting at the 35 40 everydrive and you are going from the 20 25 its a great disadvantage, and look how much of a swing a kick return can be for momentum after giving up a td. Its so big that as a football coach we make it our first priority during the week to work on everyday.


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      So much depends on which team you're talking about.

      The Bears have all but stopped using Hester returning kicks while the Browns had Haden returning some kicks this preseason.

      The LSU Tigers have Patrick Peterson returning some kicks.

      There are some teams that use starters for special teams and others that won't out of fear of injury, saving them for offense/defense, etc.


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        Of course it is. I've seen both games won and lost due to ST play.
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          It's important, but not equal to defense or offense. There is a reason that your special teams team is filled with the guys not good enough to make the other parts of the squad, and why you don't see big special team contracts.


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            Not 1/3, but it is certainly significant. Good special teams is underrated and definitely helps teams win alot of football games.

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              The Packers had one of the worst special teams units in the league last year and we went 11-5. It's important, but certainly not equal to offense and defense. A good offense doesn't need great field position to score. Defense it's a little harder, but they can still hold to three points. It certainly helps to start off with an advantage in field position, but it's not necessary. It's much easier to win with bad special teams than with bad offense or defense.


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                Colts always have awful special teams and they won more games in the last decade than any other.


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                  Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                  Colts always have awful special teams and they won more games in the last decade than any other.
                  And they can blame a big part of that super bowl loss on that onside kick that got the Saints back into the game.

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                      If the same crap Bills team that hasn't won less than 6 games in the last four years ends up winning 1-2 games like everybody seems to think they will, then I'd say a huge part of that will be because of special teams.


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                        Originally posted by Shiver View Post
                        Colts always have awful special teams and they won more games in the last decade than any other.
                        Over the last two years the Colts have had the worst Rush Offense in the NFL. There 26-6 in that period. Any one want to argue that the Run game isn't important just because a good team can't do it?

                        Special Teams is important but you can win without it, as the Colts have shown. The run game is important, but you can win without it, as the Colts have shown. Teams have won without being able to successfully pass the ball (Jets were 31st passing the ball last year and got to the AFC Championship game). Teams have won without the ability to defend the run (Colts were 24th against the run last year). Teams have won without the ability to defend the pass (New Orleans were 26th against the pass last year).

                        All areas of the game are important. The leading point scorer on a team is normally the Kicker. The leader in yards is reguarly the return man. Last years yardage leader wasn't Chris Johnson, it was Fred Jackson. Second on that list was Joshua Cribbs. They advanced the ball for their team more than Johnson did.
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                          I would say special teams is more of a wild-card than anything else. Most games the impact isn't near that of the offense or defense but sometimes a big positive, or negative, play changes the course of the game.

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                            Originally posted by Nalej View Post
                            That's because it was the only 3rd of the game that was good. Their O and D is terrible.

                            I think ST really is 1/3 bc field position is soooooo effin important.
                            There's a big difference between starting at your own 20 or your own 40.
                            And the same goes for the D. Punting and punt coverage. So underrated, IMO
                            yes, but I've seen teams with just a good offense and a terrible defense/special teams do a lot better than a team with just good STs and bad O/D. I think if you are amazing in offense or defense but bad on STs you have a chance to win every game. If you are amazing in special teams and bad on O and D then not so much. There have been teams to win titles without great special teams play but great O and D instead. That's not usually the case if a team has great special teams but bad O or bad D.

                            I think they are very important and a huge huge plus, but not nearly as important as the other 2/3rds of the game.


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                              As long as your special teams isn't awful(and by that I mean Denver Broncos level inept), it's good enough. Not nearly as important as offense or defense. Sure, some game are won or lost based on special teams. But literally every game is won or lost based on offense/defense.

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                                absolutely. it's all of them working together though. Great special teams like a returner will lead to teams kicking away from you, which could lead to shorter kicks or kicks out of bounds equaling good field position, and if you have a decent-good offense, they'll capatilize. A good punt pinning a team down, followed by a good defensive stand will lead to good field position for you, which an O can capitalize on. they all work off each other.
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