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  • The bills are terrible this year. I don't think Chicago wins another game either, unless of course the officials decide they should.

    Seriously, they outgained the Lions by a few hundered yards, were playing the Lions O without Stafford and they still just barely managed to get the win, and they STILL needed some BS call to have the game handed to them.

    If Chicago continues to play like that, they'll be 1-15 at seasons' end.

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    • Originally posted by abaddon41_80 View Post
      I told you guys that the Seahawks would be better than expected.
      1 win was better than I expected. Congrats on being right.

      The Bills are awful. They are almost as bad as the Lions winless season. This team really sucks. Their QB stinks of ****. "AWWWWWWW... TRENT EDWARDS!!!!!! 3rd ROUND STEAL!!!!!! BEST QB EVA!!!!!" ******* Bills fans are so stupid.
      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I honestly believe Reggie Bush has turned into exactly the type of player I envisioned.
      Originally posted by PossibleCabbage
      I would like it if there were more successful black Quarterbacks in the NFL...
      Originally posted by bearsfan_51
      iamcandian lives in a cabin in the Yukon Territory and writes letters to railroad barons about the price of hard tack.
      Originally posted by GatorsBullsFan
      I could possibly see Matthew Stafford Dropping out of the 1st round
      Originally posted by GoRavens
      Tahj Boyd has the best fundamentals of any QB in this class, I think his game translates great to the NFL.


      • Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
        I dunno how Seattle isn't running away with this. They don't have a single position with talent other than an above average linebacker in Tatupu.
        Now you have your answer stoner.
        Seattle may not be what they were from 2003-2007, but they're far from the worst team in the NFL. Even with Pete Carroll guiding the ship.


        • Oakland has easily the worst line in the NFL...If we win 5 games, I'll be happy.

          mucho props to wiscbadgerfootball

          Originally posted by scottyboy
          like honestly lebron, instead of south beach, why don't you take your talents and just shove them up your ass.



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