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    Tampa Bay, because worst to first happens almost every year in that division.

    2002- First- Buccaneers, last- Panthers
    2003- First- Panthers, last- Falcons
    2004- First- Falcons, last- Buccaneers
    2005- First- Panthers, last- Saints (Buccaneers finished 11-5 and made the playoffs)
    2006- First- Saints, last-, Buccaneers
    2007- First- Buccaneers, last- Falcons
    2008- First- Panthers, last- Saints (Falcons finished 11-5 and made the playoffs)
    2009- First- Saints, last- Buccaneers

    The only 2 times last to first didn't happen, the previous years last place team still made the playoffs.

    And if you think that just because the Saints beat the Vikings that means they'll be good this year...

    In 2002 the Buccaneers won the division and the Superbowl, beating the Eagles in the NFCC game. They opened 2003 with a 17-0 win over the Eagles (who finished the season 12-4). The Buccaneers finished the season 7-9.

    Last year the Saints won the division and the Superbowl, beating the Vikings in the NFCC game. They started this season with a 14-9 win over the Vikings.....TBC....
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      I don't believe any of them will do it, either. I voted for the Chiefs b/c they have the best shot overall. Washington would be a close second simply because I believe in Donovan McNabb. With a better, more reliable WR core I would back them much more wholeheartedly.

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        Washington is the most talented team there so I'm inclined to go with them, but if Bradford is really as good as he looked and the NFC West is as bad as we all think the Rams also have a shot. Those are the only 2 teams I see with a realistic shot of coming in first.


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          Originally posted by Splat View Post
          I don't think it will happen either but I went with the Chiefs as well just do to the Div's the other teams play in.

          The NFC West is pretty wide open as well but I think the Rams are at best 3rd in the Div but more then likely last.
          Pretty much that, I voted KC Chiefs. They have the best shot in a weak division to get past the Raiders & Denver. They are a very young, hungry team with a lot of team speed.


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            Halfway through the Chargers-Chiefs game, it's looking like KC is the favorite to go Worst-to-First.



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