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  • Cowboys Give Game Away

    Make no mistake about it, last night's Cowboys-Redskins game will prove very pivotal as this season plays out.

    Divisional games are always crucial, for many reasons, obviously.

    Now, both defenses were fantastic last night.
    The offenses on the other hand, brutal.

    3 or 4 screen passes to Dez Bryant? 2 in a row?
    This is the NFL, not the WAC.

    Not giving a terrible RT any help from Barber or a TE?

    Still, this game was a gift and I am curious to see who America blames the most for this one.

    Remember, Washington's one & only TD was a pathetic, high school-dumb play to end the first half.

    Romo doesn't have the arm to chuck a Hail Mary 75 yards. They weren't trying it. So why not take a knee? Everyone with a pulse & a brain in the NFL knows this. Although Alex Barron's terrible holding mugging ended the game, was it worse than the foolish decision to throw a swing pass to Tashard Choice 70 yards from the end zone?

    Who gets the Goat-of-the-week if you get one vote?
    Alex Barron
    Wade Phillips for going with Alex Barron at RT. Ask Rams fans about Alex.
    Jason Garrett for calling that play in the first place
    Tony Romo for not just kneeling on it to end 1st half no matter what Garrett called

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    Either has to go to Jason Garrett or Alex Barron.


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      From Mark Mosely, 103.3 and ESPN East.

      And with 4 seconds left in the first half, opportunity came knocking in the form of Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett temporarily losing his mind. Trailing 3-0, the prudent thing would've been for the Cowboys to take a knee and limp to the locker room. Instead, they lined up at their 36-yard line with three receivers to one side and Tony Romo delivered one of his patented shovel passes to running back Tashard Choice.

      "That's called game planning," said the former University of Texas star. "We knew Colombo wasn't in there and we had to exploit their weakness. I was freestyling out there on him because I knew we were in good shape with that matchup."

      Orakpo had to leave the game briefly with cramps in the second half, but he raced back onto the field after missing a few plays. And even when Barron grabbed his jersey, Orakpo kept chasing Romo.

      "I looked back and saw that yellow flag and knew it was game, set, match," said Orakpo. "Romo tried to tell me earlier in the game that those weren't holds, but I didn't hear from him after that last play."


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        how about Choice for letting a CB strip the ball from him, then return it 40 yards for a TD


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          of course the redskins didnt win the game the cowboys gave it away......
          RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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            U sure do love to take every chance to **** on the Cowboys huh? Not like nobody was discussing this game in the week 1 discussion thread though or anything. But let's all make a thread for one specific game that happened on Sunday.

            Originally posted by Scott Wright
            I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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              Originally posted by 21ST View Post
              of course the redskins didnt win the game the cowboys gave it away......
              Let him say what he wants a W is a W.



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