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Kris Jenkins out for Season with torn ACL

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  • Kris Jenkins out for Season with torn ACL

    Terrible news for the Jets, will he retire?

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    Again he's injured?? Don't know if he retires, he's great just can't stay on the field. He's the lineman version of Bob Sanders. The Jets will be fine, they fared well when he was injured last season.


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      Not sure if it's even gonna hurt them too much. The play he got hurt on, he got absolutely blown off the ball, and they were able to continue stopping the run without him.


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        It's not as big of a loss as it seems. According to Football Outsiders, the Jets run defense was actually significantly better without him last season.


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          Just fantastic. /sarcasm

          I was able to walk off so I was hoping he would be ok but apparently not. He was thinking about retirement last year so don't be surprised if he calls it quits.

          As for the Jets, at least Sione Pouha made great strides last year. He's no Kris Jenkins but he's serviceable.

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            Pouha made some plays last night, could be O.K as his replacement. The Jets seemed just fine on defense without him last year but this still isn't good news.


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              Uggghh. It's too much to take as a fan. This is the most excited I have been for a season in the 7 years I have been a fan of the team. Big crash week one.

              The only possible positive to this is that we will have more money to resign people next year, because I guarantee he retires. Will be interesting to see what our line looks like next year, seeing as Ellis will probably be gone too.


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                Huge blow.. I know Fat Al doesn't want do play in the 3-4 but think the Jets could work something out for him?
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