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    Packers are 1 or 2 in every single ranking I've seen despite losing their star RB? Somebody explain this to me, please.

    *edit* I get that we were probably the second most impressive of the general top 5-6 teams.. but.. come on! Saints should be #1, Pats or Ravens #2, Pats or Ravens #3, then maybe you slip us in on the hope Jackson turns out okay and Rodgers is as good as everyone expects.
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      We're (Bucs) the only team with a win that's in the bottom 5 .... SMH

      Mike Will & V-Jax


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        This week is going to be so brutal for us. Just don't let Ellison try to cover Finley, please.


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          Some thoughts on the week:

          Pittsburgh @ Tennessee...
          Is going to be a brutal game. Without Ben and his tard luck I don't think the Steelers have enough clutchness or balls to beat out Vince "just wins games" Young and Chris Johnson, despite having Troy's beautiful locks in their huddle. Dixon is going to get beaten up by the titans who have one of the deepest 4-3 DLs in the league, but if the Steelers are going to win it's going to be because Troy scores in OT, so if I'm the Steelers I start trying out Troy's throwing arm and see if you can't get that mane under center.

          Kansas City @ Cleveland...
          Is also going to be brutal, not because it'll be a tough close game but because it'll be hard to watch if you're not into the whole train wreck thing and the stupid scores that are going to happen. I can really only hope that JC and Sexter get force fed the ball to lead the Chiefs to a climactic triumph...and yes that felt weird for me to, but dirty weird, so we're cool. *double thumbs up*

          Chicago @ Dallas
          You really have to think that Dallas will tee off on the Bears, but you know what, I think that re-vamped Bears DL will be able to get to Romo and Tony's a QB who you can throw off of his rhythm. If you just keep hitting him and Jason Garrett keeps calling the plays you'll throw Romo off of his game, Cutler on the otherhand is getting used to having diddley doo in front of him with not even a hope of a running game to occasionally take the ball out of his hands. I still think Dallas can make the playoffs and Chicago's destined for 6-8 wins, but for now Chicago's mostly healthy and playing kinda well where they don't suck *knock on wood* while Dallas is going full ******. Unfortunately for the rest of NFC East I think this might be Butterball's last season in Dallas, I just hope they pull a Redskins and sign a coach who's prestige has long since surpassed his competency.

          Seattle @ Denver
          Simply because I want to see the Rams win the NFC West at 6-10 I'm hoping the Broncos continue their tradition of starting well and can knock off the Seahawks.

          St. Louis @ Oakland
          Speaking of those Rams, I actually think they have a good chance to beat the raiders. That D is a lot better than I thought it'd be this year as they're actually getting somewhat of a push up the middle and have some edge talent. That OL just needs to start gelling and then the duo of Bradford and SJax will be able to do it!...and by it I mean suck just a little bit less than the other guy for another week.

          Houston @ Washington
          This should be a close game which means I think Houston is going to win because I doubt Kubiak and Schaub are able to out McNabb McNabb the way Jason Garrett and Dallas did.

          NY Giants @ Indianapolis
          Just for saying this we'll probably get annihilated but I actually feel good about this game. We'll put some bodies on Peyton and so long as we're mostly healthy we've got a very talented, deep and versatile secondary. Plus I think Eli will be able to torch the Colts D with Bob Sanders out already.
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          Originally posted by AcheTen
          JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
          Originally posted by abaddon41_80
          Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
          Originally posted by JBCX
          Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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            Im looking forward to the Pats Jets game. There may be a bit of a backlash after their terrible performance against Baltimore, but the Jets don't match up well against the Pats.

            They struggle to defend the middle of the field so Im expecting a big day from either Welker, Edelman or one of the TEs.

            The Jets will try and establish the running game with Greene and LT. I expect to see the Patriots load up against the run and force Sanchez to throw.

            Despite giving up catches in the second half, both Patriots starting CBs played very well against Cincinnati who have better WRs than the Jets.

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              Can't wait for the Tampa Carolina game, they're always entertaining.


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                After watching the Eagles struggle with Green Bay I will find the imminent thrashing of a Matt Stafford-less Lions highly entertaining. For those interested, it doesn't look like Kolb will be playing this week because he has yet to pass the first concussion test (there are like 5 steps and only 1 per day) so Mike Vick fans, REJOICE! I would put my self in the "Stick with Kolb" category but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't excited to see Vick start for the first time in 4 years.


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                  i just really hope Alex Barron starts. He couldnt block Laron Landry 1v1


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                    If the Chiefs play D like they did on MNF and "The" Jamaal gets the ball more then 11 times Chiefs should beat the Browns.


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                      The Browns just need to stop being so charitable with the football...


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                        What is the word on Jake Delhomme is he playing or to early to tell?


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                          Originally posted by Splat View Post
                          What is the word on Jake Delhomme is he playing or to early to tell?
                          He had an MRI yesterday and he's currently sporting a walking boot, but the team hasn't commented about his playing status yet.


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                            Originally posted by terribletowel39 View Post
                            Derrick Morgan I am worried about, seeing as how we will have a new starter at LT. Jones, not so much. I have confidence Pouncey can handle him. And yes, I know Pouncey is just a rookie.
                            JJ has played in two games against ya'll, and in both of them he was fantastic.

                            6 Total Tackles, 2 Asst. Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles, and 1 Pass Defensed in those two games combined.

                            Pouncey is hella talented, and he'll end up being a great player. But this is gonna be a tough game for him. And lets not forget Tony Brown either, and the Titans' DL stunts get even the most experienced of Centers.

                            It's gonna be a good game, no matter what. It's the 3rd year in a row these two old AFC Central foes have played. I'm more concerned about our safety play than anything. That was the killer last year against ya'll. Santonio Holmes got deep too many times. So no Big Ben or Santonio is a relief, but then you have Dixon's running ability and Mike Wallace's big play potential. Michael Griffin, who had a big drop off from his '08 year, seemed to be back to his old self. He's key in this game, as is Polamalu for the Steelers.

                            And of course, in a game like this turnovers are the key. VY's never played the Steelers' defense before, and Dixon is inexperienced and will be on the road. Which ever protects the ball more will give their team a huge advantage.

                            Hopefully William Hayes, one of the Titans' starting DE's, will be healthy for this game. He missed the Oakland and it probably weakened our pass-rush. He's the Titans' most athletic DE.
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                              Can't wait for the Bucs-Panthers game.

                              Is Moore gonna play? Or will we be seeing the debut of Jimmy Clausen?


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                                Can't believe more people aren't talking about the game of the week. Packers-Bills, baby.



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