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Super Bowl halftime show

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  • Super Bowl halftime show

    Not surprised they ditched out on the old rockers. They should just have prince every year. Who would you want to see?
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    Janet Jackson!!!

    BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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      Black Eyed Peas getting it like 6 years too late... Great choice, though.

      As for shows I'd like to see... I don't know I usually take that opportunity to make a beer run or do things I put off all day getting ready for the Super Bowl...

      I think Tool or Rob Zombie would be amazing.


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        I was figuring on Bill Haley and the Comets, or Chubby Checker.


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          Originally posted by Bob Sanders Dreadlock View Post

          Not surprised they ditched out on the old rockers. They should just have prince every year. Who would you want to see?
          I hate prince.. I know people love the guy but I do NOT!

          Sick Sig By BoneKrusher


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            They should have had MUSE last year.

            Don't care for BEP at all.
            Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
            RIP themaninblack


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              Wu Tang Clan with Rage Against the Machine! Tom Morello shredding to Ain't Nothing to F*** With


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                Justin Bieber?

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                  Black Eyes Peas?


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                    Wow, this thread has been alive for 30 mins and not one suggestion for Katy Perry or Selena Gomez. Im shocked. lol


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                      Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                      Justin Bieber?
                      Go drive off a cliff in a Yugo.


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                        I hate them. I especially hate how they sold out. They used to be a underground hip hop group, then they grabbed Fergie and went pop.


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                          I only like groups or bands when they're underground. When they go mainstream they're sellouts.

                          Originally posted by fenikz
                          His soft D really turns me off
                          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                            Nobody here thinks a solid country guy would be good?

                            Kenny Chesney, especially after the Boys of Fall, or Brad Paisley cause hes got a ton of songs that are awesome live and hes hilarious too. That or Toby Keith, but theyd prob be afraid hed say something on live tv like '**** islam, suck my ****' cause hes badass like that.

                            The Eagles would be very awesome too, saw them live in the pouring rain in Gillette and it was still amazing.
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                              how about no rap or any of that techno-pop crap that is all of popular music today. in fact just ignore the charts when looking for good music. the old rocker idea was good, though they stretched a bit when they decided it was a good idea to hire the Who, half of whom are dead and the other half are in their 60s and can't hit anything close to those high notes they were known for singing.



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