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Last team to win and loose.

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    I'm disappointed in this thread... no one brought up Rapelisberger yet.

    **** her in da *****!


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      Originally posted by Smooth Criminal View Post
      Browns are definitely last to win in, simply because they already lost what were supposed to be their easy games. Their schedule is brutal coming up.

      Last to lose is gonna be a little bit harder. Packers, Bears, Steelers, Dolphins, Texans, Cheifs, Bucs, and Saints are all thats left. Not your typical group of contenders. I like NO the most out of this list. Packers and Bears play each other, Steelers still have 2 games without Ben, Cheifs and Bucs arn't really that good, and I think the Texans and Dolphins will lose one soon.
      Nah, they are just young.


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        Originally posted by jrdrylie View Post
        I want to say the 49ers, but their schedule has a bunch of winnable games. Kansas City, Oakland, Carolina, St. Louis, and Tampa are all played before the Browns first possible win (week 12).

        As for the last team to "loose", it certainly won't be the Steelers with Roethlisberger taking random chicks into bar bathrooms. The last team to lose, there are now 7 options:

        Kansas City: Week 5 @Indianapolis
        Houston: Week 3 Dallas
        Pittsburgh: Week 3 @Tampa Bay
        Miami: Week 6 @ Green Bay
        Tampa Bay: Week 5 @Cincinnati

        It has to be the winner of next week's Green Bay/Chicago game. If the Packers win, their first loss would be between week 8-12. If Chicago wins, their first lose would be week 11 at Miami.
        Just let Mario go up against Alex Barron and Dallas will have 200 yards of holding penalties. :) Texans are going to win that game.


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          Originally posted by descendency View Post
          I'm disappointed in this thread... no one brought up Rapelisberger yet.

          I brought him up in the post right before you. Must have missed it.

          Originally posted by SolidGold
          Originally posted by Monomach
          Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


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            Last team to lose: Green Bay Packers
            Last team to win: Cleveland Browns.



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              Texans will shred Dallas. First time Romo gets hammered by Super Mario, he'll fall apart.

              Based on schedule, Green Bay has the best chance of being last to lose.

              Last to win will be Buffalo or Browns.


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                Will we see an 0-16 team this year?

                St. Louis


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                  Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
                  Will we see an 0-16 team this year?

                  St. Louis
                  If Buffalo looses against Cleveland and Detroit then they are going 0-16. I think St. Louis will win a few.


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                    Last to win: Buffalo
                    Last to lose: Graan Bay


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                      First Losses:

                      Dolphins - Week 4 vs. New England

                      Steelers - Week 4 vs. Baltimore

                      Texans - Week 3 vs. Dallas

                      Chiefs - Week 3 vs. SF

                      Bears - Week 3 vs. GB

                      Packers - Week 8 vs. NYJ

                      Bucs - Week 3 vs. Pittsburgh

                      Saints - Week 3 vs. ATL

                      First wins:

                      Bills - Week 5 vs. Jacksonville

                      Browns - Week 12 vs. CAR

                      Cowboys - Week 3 vs. Houston

                      Lions - Week 5 vs. STL

                      Panthers - Week 8 vs. STL

                      Rams - Week 4 vs. SEA

                      49ers - Week 3 vs. KC

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                        Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                        First Losses:

                        Packers - Week 8 vs. NYJ
                        I will gladly take a 6-0 start. What makes you think we lose to New York based on what you've seen so far? Just curious. If I had to pick a game, that looks like our first real test, too, but I'll be there rooting for a win.


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                          Last to win could be Carolina. They face Cincy then and then new orleans hell next easiest is st louis.


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                            I'm just stoked the Buccaneers are still undefeated!


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                              First Losses:
                              Dolphins - Lost
                              Steelers - Won
                              Texans - Lost
                              Chiefs - Won
                              Bears - Won
                              Packers - Lost
                              Bucs - Lost
                              Saints - Lost

                              So the Steelers, Chiefs move on. They will be joined by either the Bears or the Packers depending tomorrow nights outcome. The Dolphins could join them as well for atleast 3 possibly 4 undefeated teams remaining.

                              First wins:
                              Bills - Lost
                              Browns - Lost
                              Cowboys - Won
                              Lions - Lost
                              Panthers- Lost
                              Rams -
                              49ers - Lost
                              Vikings - Won

                              The Bills, Browns, Lions, Panthers, and 49ers move on. They could be joined by the Rams for atleast 5 maybe 6 winless teams remaining.
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                                So: Bears, Steelers, Chiefs. Who keeps it up?



                                Chiefs/Bye (then Colts)

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