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Michael Vick looks scary good.

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    Originally posted by San Diego Chicken View Post
    After watching them in person yesterday, I think Vick is exactly what Jacksonville needs. Garrard is on the brink, and that team needs a shot of energy. Jones-Drew looked pretty depressed out there. The few fans I saw at the game were very doom and gloom.

    Is it at all possible that Kolb looks competent in the next few weeks and a team steps up and trades for Vick this season, then extends him?
    Jacksonville won't trade for him. After all the arrests of Shack Harris players, Gene Smith and Wayne Weaver are on a "character" kick right now.

    I don't think there's any way Philly trades him, either. If they trade both McNabb and Vick while Kolb goes down in flames, it's not going to be pretty. Heads will roll.


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      Vick looked amazing last week. That deep ball to Desean was right on the money and his intermediate passes had such zip on them they got to the recievers almost instantly. No one besides fat depressed moustache man andy reid would be dumb enough to start kevin kolb over him. ewww kevin kolb..... how can anyone think he will be good? ughggh



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