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  • Week 2 Write up

    Sorry if I miss anyone's great performance this week whether it be a player or a team it's not deliberate.

    Young QBs
    In recent weeks there's been much speculation and debate over the maturation of the young quarterbacks in the NFL. With the dynamic shift into more of a passing league (more on that later) it's never been more important for a franchise to find a top flight signal caller.

    In recent weeks there's been discussion over just how good or bad Sanchez will be for the jets superbowl push over the next few seasons. Citing his inaccuracy and his inconsistency there's been whispers that he's becoming more of a detriment than an asset.

    I held the opinion that Sanchez was being handcuffed somewhat by the game plan and the coaching staff were scared to let him find his groove and simply play football. It was evident against the Ravens he was playing to no lose a game instead of win it. Fast forward to this week and Schottenheimer had put together a great game plan. The play calling featured short passing, and high percentage routes early allowing sanchez to get outside the pocket, get comfortable throwing to his receivers and develop a feel for the defense. It paid off in spades as he had a career day against one of the best franchises in the NFL today.

    In Carolina Josh Freeman re-visited the team and the stadium that saw him throw multiple picks and falter absolutely en-route to a 3-13 season. Against the Panthers this year he was as near perfect as possible picking up key third downs, elluding defenders and connecting when it mattered. I was sceptical when he was drafted, moreso when Raheem Morris threw him the keys, but it appears to be paying off in spades and it saddens me to say as a panthers fan, but Freeman seems to be the real deal in Tampa and imo won't be far off the top of the league in a few short years. I realise we're only two games into the season, but based off the last two weeks, Buccs fans have a reason to be happy.

    Matt Ryan deserves a mention for his performance this week also as his 3TD performance helped Atlanta past a very talented Arizona defense to the tune of a 34 point drubbing. Say what you will about his sophmore year, or even his previous week, when he's on song Matt Ryan is downright dangerous.

    On the other hand there was Vince Young and Joe Flacco who's multiple turnovers respectively hurt their teams chances in what were winnable games. It happens and it's to be expected, nothing real to see here, except Jeff Fisher's handling of the situation. While some at a glance may disagree with taking a young QB out of the game when the going gets extremely tough I tend to disagree, Young was obviously melting down and trying to win the game back forcing ill-advised throws pulling him allows him to sit and watch a considered attempt to build a drive when down on points and as the day seemed to go for the Titans, down on luck.

    A passing league = an interception league
    As with just about any sport a defensive mind will always find a way to counter intelligent offensive enterprise. 2010 marked the highest number of interceptions through the first two weeks in 10 seasons. 67 interceptions through two weeks.

    The successful teams (as in superbowl or play off contenders) have had largely opportunistic defensive backfields. New Orleans, Indianapolis, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Green bay have largely featured backfields that while allowing a fair chunk of yardage quite often were and are adept at forcing fumbles and taking interceptions. As the league switches to even more high flying aerial assaults in their offensive game plans defenses will continue to search for corner backs who're better able to force turnovers and limit big plays rather than cover guys who'll solely keep pace and shadow receivers.

    A passing league is leading to an interception league, not exactly a giant revelation there, but it's interesting to see how the game changes and unusual to think that guys who cover well might not be as valuable as those who can take picks in eyes of some coaches.

    The texans showed more in their victory today than they did against the Colts in the first week. It's often quite difficult for coaches to keep a team motivated against new opponents after an emotional win. It's a common issue for superbowl winners and losers, often after a big win teams will fail to show up the next week against even cellar dwellar opponents.

    Though granted Houston started slow against the Redskins the fact that their offense fought through some early failures and came from behind to win in overtime after an impressive defensive stand against a driving McNabb. Just ONE week after the most promising season opener in franchise history speaks volumes about the team.

    They remind me heavily of some other past contenders and even superbowl winners. The team is playing as a cohesive unit from top to bottom, there's no chatter of decension through the ranks and they've round the right pieces in the right places at the right time.

    It's early days, but I love what I see so far.

    Homer stuff
    Pretty terrible week again to be a Panthers fan, Matt Moore looked a little lost again, which is unusual. His biggest knock was being too laid back in the film room and on the practice field and I get the feeling that Matt Moore was so impressive last year and in his earlier games was that he took over the reigns after the season was tanked.

    Coming on to the field with an already well established run game decent enough defense and no pressure from anyone just a pat on the ass from the coach and an attaboy from the press makes for a pretty easy job.

    This year he's had the organisation from top to bottom exclaim it's his shot, his time and his team and he's been given a rather demanding game plan. Compared the the game plans put in place for most rookies and other similarly inexperienced quarterbacks Moores being mishandled a little bit. Sure he's not delivering, but he's not being aided as well as I'd like to see.

    I wouldn't mind for that reason seeing Clausen given the reigns, it's obvious he's considered to be the future by the franchise and even if the Panthers end up 0-16 he'll get valuable reps and the Panthers can pick up something like the wide receiver they've needed for the last half decade. Better yet he might hande things better than Moore, at the very least it'll force the Panthers TO DO WHAT THEY SHOULD BE ******* DOING RIGHT NOW WHICH IS RUN THE ******* BALL.

    Quick Stuff
    I'm not unsurprised by the Vikings performance, I didn't really think Favre would have two amazing years in a row after the injuries and lack of concrete commitment during the offseason.

    I love what I'm seeing from Kansas, I think they're still a year or maybe two away from being a real contender, but I love their secondary, I'm a huge fan of Matt Cassel, their backfield and how they approach the game.

    Cutler and Martz seems to be a quality match up but if they don't find a way to stop Cutler from getting hit they won't keep it up.

    Dallas need a lot of work and it seems their failure to build through the trenches in lieu of gathering firepower is coming home to roost. Can't say I didn't call it.

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    as if on cue, you got your wish...


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      Can't say I'm overly surprised. Feel a little bad for Matt Moore though, I can't help but think he'll catch on somewhere next year.



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