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  • 2010 Sophomore Watch Thread

    A first in SWDC history???

    Anyways how have the sophomores faired thus far?

    I know CMIII has been doing good having an entire thread dedicated to him... and his hair... but what about the other guys?

    I can't confirm this because I didnt see either games but it seems as if Maualuga took a step back and I haven't heard much about him in both games. He's not the intimidating force he was last year.

    Little Animal has quietly been tearin **** up. Didnt watch that game either.

    DHB and Louis Murphy had decent games and DHB seems to be slowly moving away from heading towards bust city.

    Any else?

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    Jeremy Maclin isn't being dynamic like he was at times last season but he has 2 TD catches so that is a plus.

    LeSean McCoy is averaging over 6 yards a carry and has 4 TDs in 2 games, he looks MUCH improved from last season. Last season LeSean McCoy would dance and he played really really soft, this season LeSean McCoy doesn't dance as much and he is much more decisive when he runs instead of being hesitant, he gets upfield much faster. Also looks to be much improved strength wise, he just bounces off of tacklers sometimes and he is still deadly in the open field.

    Other than that no one has played remarkably poorly or well from what I've seen.


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      Pat Chung-This guy is going to be a flat out stud. He is always around the ball and has put in some great hits. He nearly had a great INT last week from a tipped ball but it was overturned. Definitely a hit.

      Ron Brace-Struggled mightily last year and came to camp out of shape. Finally got into the team during preseason but hasnt made any plays of note in the regular season. Jury is still out.

      Darius Butler-Really struggled this week and the stats make it look like he struggled last week although that doesn't tell the whole story. Has problems against bigger WRs but definitely has the talent to be a good CB. Im going to say hit.

      Sebastian Vollmer-Came in and pitched shutouts against Dwight Freeney and Joey Porter last year at LT. Playing RT this year and playing well. Is the next franchise LT. Definitely a hit.

      Brandon Tate-A serious knee injury ended his rookie year prematurely however this year he has looked electrifying both in the return game and as an outside WR. Already with a kickoff return for TD he looks like the return guy that was needed. As a WR all he needs to do is keep defenses honest so that they cant load up on Moss and Welker and thus far he has done that. Hit.

      Tyrone McKenzie-A bad injury ended his rookie season before it started last year and this year he was cut and signed to the practice squad. The depth at ILB on the team may have forced him out but at this point he looke like a bust.

      Rich Ohrnberger-Antoher player who was cut and signed to the practice squad. Was never able to crack the starting lineup and the fact he was cut despite Kazcur being hurt and Mankins holding out is not good. Looks like a bust.

      George Bussey-Another player who landed on IR last year and was waived last week. Bust

      Jake Ingram-Started from day one at long snapper and we haven't heard his name mentioned once, which for a long snapper is a good thing. Hit

      Myron Pryor-Became part of the defensive line rotation early on as a rookie and vastly outplayed his rookie teammate Ron Brace. Struggles a bit against then run but is a very good interior pass rusher. Definite hit.

      Julian Edelman-Came in as a rookie who had played QB in college and was actually booed in camp for not being able to catch punts. Now is one of the most electric players on the team and contributes in so many ways. Massive hit.

      Darryl Richard-Placed on the practice squad last year by all accounts was coming on well and developing. Suffered an injury in the summer and was placed on IR. Jury still out.

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        Beanie Wells - Hurt

        Cody Brown - Cut

        Rashard Johnson - Solid special teamer not much else

        Greg Toler - is a tackling machine, but that's not exactly a good thing cus every team is throwing his way a ton and putting their #1 wideout on his side of the field

        Herman Johnson - Practice Squad

        Will Davis - Solid in rotation, I think he could/should start over Haggans or even Lennon at ILB

        LaRod Stephens-Howling - Special teams god, looks great out of the backfield too, Hyphen is very close to being my favorite player


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          OT Michael Oher - Easily one of the best young OT's in the game. Needs to be a little more consistency but shows flashes of dominance and should be a mainstay on the left side for the next decade.

          DE Paul Kruger - There's a lot to like about him as a player but he is a square peg in a round whole in our 3-4 defense. Played OLB last year but bulkrd up to play the 5-tech. Decent rotational DE.

          CB LaDarius Webb - very promising talent and was expected to be the starter but is now hurt.

          ILB Jason Phillips - Special Teamer

          TE Davon Drew - got cut in '09, resigned this year and is now on the practice roster.

          RB Cedric Peerman - cut


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            Hakeem Nicks - Very good so far in his first 2 games of the season. In the first game he caught 3 TD's and against INDY he scored 1 more in garbage time. He's showing that playmaking ability after the catch that he did so well at UNC and looks to be a TD machine.

            Umm that's really it for our sophmores right now. Clint Sintim, Will Beatty, Ramses Barden have all been non exsistent besides some plays here and there. Travis Beckum plays now but he doesn't fit our system well and can't block. He was a weird pick at the time and still is. Rhett Bomar is on our practice squad and Andre Brown was cut. Besides Nicks it's a very dissapointing draft so far.

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              Basically KP. He barely played his rookie season, got hurt and was out last season, and now playing this season. So watch out for KP!



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                Vontae Davis is has really cut down on the mental mistakes. Great in run support, and Favre called him "The best CB nobody knows yet". Gonna be a stud.

                Pat White- yeah....

                Sean Smith- His tackling looked improved during preseason. Didn't play a snap against Buffalo, and covered the TE most of the second half against the Vikings. He struggled a bit this preseason, but the story is how good Jason Allen has been, which for Miami fans is a shocker. Smith still has time to improve though.

                Patrick Turner-Wast of a pick

                Brian Hartline-Solid rookie year, 2 drops in week 1, but was much improved week 2 in limited action. Decent compliment to Brandon Marshall.

                Chris Clemons-Starting FS, very active, and isn't making mistakes. Nothing spectacular (yet), but really solid, and that's all you can ask for.

                John Nalbone- Just got cut. Small school TE prospect that was drafted because of his athleticism. Still can't block.

                JD Folsom- Cut. Played a couple games on ST last year, but not even on the PS. Really didn't fit the 3-4.

                A bunch of picks that look really bad, but with Vontae, Smith, Hartline, and Clemons we have 4 guys who have started for us with Smith being the only one not starting and it's because another guy won the job. But the Pat White and Patrick Turner picks are kind of inexcusable.


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                  Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
                  OT Michael Oher - Easily one of the best young OT's in the game. Needs to be a little more consistency but shows flashes of dominance and should be a mainstay on the left side for the next decade.

                  DE Paul Kruger - There's a lot to like about him as a player but he is a square peg in a round whole in our 3-4 defense. Played OLB last year but bulkrd up to play the 5-tech. Decent rotational DE.

                  CB LaDarius Webb - very promising talent and was expected to be the starter but is now hurt.

                  ILB Jason Phillips - Special Teamer

                  TE Davon Drew - got cut in '09, resigned this year and is now on the practice roster.

                  RB Cedric Peerman - cut
                  Oher is one who would be an elite RT, but just a good LT. Not that theres anything wrong with that but hes not showing to be one who is elite on the left side. This is his first year on the left, though he did play there last year for a few games so maybe this will change, maybe not.

                  Webb was back last week, therefore not hurt anymore. He was impressive last year, well see how he progresses as the year goes on. Did pretty well last week. Count on him being a starter before long.
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                    1st: Josh Freeman QB - Nobody can stop the Freechise !

                    (2nd: Traded for KW2 TE - Fair trade. While Winslow will always bring concerns for his knee, he still hasn't miss a single game for us and is our best weapon on offense)

                    3rd: Roy Miller DT - He is fine. Of course, he has to play behind McCoy and Price, but he is doing what the coaches ask him to do when he is on the field.

                    4th: Kyle Moore LE - See Miller, except for the McCoy/Price part. He's fine.

                    5th: Xavier Fulton OT - Was cut after this season's TC despite our lack of depth at the position. First bad pick from Dominik.

                    7th EJ Biggers CB - Steal. Biggers is currently our nickel back and played during week 1 during Talib's suspension. Plus, it is basically his rookie season since he was IR for the whole season last year.

                    7th Sammie Stroughter WR - Another steal. Stroughter is pretty much the perfect slot WR. However, he is playing as the flanker right now since Arrelious Benn is not ready to be a starter and the rest of our WR corp pretty much sucks (except for Mike Williams, who's awesome obviously). He catches the most important TD for us last year (the Packers one) and he is also excellent at returning kicks.

                    It looks like it's going to be an excellent draft for GM Dominik. A possible franchise QB, a very good TE, two steals in the seventh round and a couple of rotational players... And it was his first draft ever !

                    I love Mark Dominik.


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                      Kenny Britt - Has had some concentration issues but still seems like the Titans best receiver when he is actually on the field.

                      Senderrick Marks- A project player, but he holds his own in the rotation.

                      Jared Cook- Our TE of the future. A great receiving threat but still has some issues blocking.

                      Ryan Mouton- I don't want to call him a bust yet, but he has no chance of being a nickle or the starter with Alterraun Verner, Jason McCourty and Vincent Fuller on the team. looked lost at times during the preseason.

                      Gerald McRath- He is our starter after he comes back from his 4 game suspension. Everybody loves them some mini Keith Bulluck.

                      Troy Kropog- Our back-up Olineman. Looked really bad at times during preseason.

                      Javon Ringer- Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

                      Jason McCourty- Has looked good as a starter, can't wait to see how he holds up the rest of the season.

                      Domonique Edison-He has talent, but needs to develop some in game consistency. on PS

                      Ryan Durand- Haven't really heard much from him, I think he is on the PS.

                      Nick Schommer- I know he looked good in camp and made some big hits during preseason, but I am still pissed he has a spot on the 53 man roster over LeGarrett Blount. Its not like Nick is some special team god either.

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                        Aaron Curry- Continuing to play mediocre football.

                        Max Unger- Out for the year with a foot injury.

                        Deon Butler- Made some very impressive plays this year, only has 6 catches for 63 yards and a TD but looked really good doing it.

                        Cameron Morrah, 3rd TE, inactive last week.

                        Mike Teel, Nick Reed and Courtney Greene all cut. Greene is now starting for the Jaguars.
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                          RB LeSean McCoy is greatly improving from having Vick in the starting lineup, should have a breakout year.

                          WR Jeremy Maclin on the other hand looks exactly the same as last year, literally no improvement. That's not terrible because he's a very solid #2 receiver, but I was hoping he would take that next step in his 2nd year.

                          TE Cornelius Ingram looked like a stud during TC his rookie year before suffering a season ending knee injury, he came back this year supposedly healthier than ever but just never stood out, I don't think he had a single catch in preseason though I could be wrong. He was cut and is now not even on any team's practice squad, which is pretty surprising to me.

                          CB/S Macho Harris was our starting FS to start the season last year and actually played pretty decent, not good but didn't make too many mistakes either. He got moved to CB this year in TC and didn't make the team despite keeping 6 CBs on the 53 man roster. Hell he couldn't even make it as a backup safety and they only kept 3 of those. Another guy who is currently not on a roster.

                          OT/G Fenuki Tupou never looked too impressive but is at least on the practice squad right now.

                          WR Brandon Gibson made the team last year as the 6th or 7th WR but was traded midway through the season along with a pick for Will Witherspoon. I wasn't crazy about the move because I liked Gibson a lot as a potential 4th WR and especially since Witherspoon got cut. Well it turns out now Gibson is struggling for PT on the rams WR corp. and since there's only 4 WRs on the current roster, I highly doubt he would get the nod over Riley Cooper as the 4th WR.

                          OG Paul Fanaika is on the Browns' Practice Squad.

                          LB Moise Fokou
                          finished off his rookie year as the starting SAM but right now he's just a very expendable backup/special teamer. Was looked at as a joker in TC/PS but Antwan Barnes was brought in a few days before the season opener to fill that role. Fokou doesn't look to have a long term future on the eagles with his replacement, Keenan Clayton, waiting in the wings.


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                            Donald Brown - poor start but he improved in this latest game.
                            Fili Moala - see above
                            Jerraud Powers - probably the best CB on the team, what a steal if he can stay healthy. He has had some injury issues with his knee/leg.
                            Austin Collie - great 4th round pick, he did well as a rookie in the slot and is doing the same thing so far this season
                            Terrance Taylor - cut, what a disappointment
                            Curtis Painter - he is reviled in Indy but IMO has shown improvement
                            Pat McAfee - fantastic punter and kick off specialist, with 5 touchbacks vs. the Giants last weekend. Also, he is hilarious.
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                              Donald Brown - Playing average football, but not sure there's anything yet to justify a 1st rounder.

                              Fili Moala - Has started the last two games, with the regular starter injured. Unsure who will start when he's back

                              Jerraud Powers - Started last year and this year. Will likely take over the #1 spot in the next 2 years. Mild injury issues, but couldn't be happier.

                              Austin Collie - Another couldn't be happier player. Not an all-star or anything, but what else can you ask from a 4th rounder.

                              Terrance Taylor - Didn't survive pre-season.

                              Curtis Painter - yeah ...

                              Pat McAfee - a great punter, made us forget about Hunter the punter.

                              Jaimie Thomas - Not even sure if he's on the team now to be honest.



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