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    Originally posted by falloutboy14 View Post
    Donald Brown - Playing average football, but not sure there's anything yet to justify a 1st rounder.

    Fili Moala - Has started the last two games, with the regular starter injured. Unsure who will start when he's back

    Jerraud Powers - Started last year and this year. Will likely take over the #1 spot in the next 2 years. Mild injury issues, but couldn't be happier.

    Austin Collie - Another couldn't be happier player. Not an all-star or anything, but what else can you ask from a 4th rounder.

    Terrance Taylor - Didn't survive pre-season.

    Curtis Painter - yeah ...

    Pat McAfee - a great punter, made us forget about Hunter the punter.

    Jaimie Thomas - Not even sure if he's on the team now to be honest.
    Couple things. First, Moala is the starter, Johnson is not. I didn't agree with this move at first but he did play a good game vs. the Giants. Johnson did play as well he is just not starting anymore.

    Thomas is on the active roster. He's listed as the backup left guard.

    I agree with you about Brown, he should not have been our pick.


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      Malcolm Jenkins- First year played dime and special teams, was very aggressive. Now starting Safety since Sharpers injured, and playing really well. Can tell he has a knack for getting INT's should be a good player for awhile.

      Chip Vaughn- Injured last year, now on a PS of someone else.

      Stanely Arnoux- Injured last year, just a backup

      Thomas Morestead- Booming punts, love this pick


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        I noticed Britt instantly got better when Collins came into the game. Do Young and Britt not get along or something?

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          it's not that, britt just needs to remove his head from his ass. he's shown alot of immaturity and inconsistency this offseason.. and while he's not in the "doghouse," he's not exactly in the coaches good graces. still though, he's shown that he's by far our biggest threat when he's on the field. but make no mistake about it, he's working through alot of issues and unless he really to grow up and start producing.
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            Tyson Jackson: Mehhh. Was pretty much invisible his rookie year but against the Chargers he seemed to be playing better, almost like he was around. Got hurt, but will be back soon. Here is to hoping he continues to improve.

            Alex Magee: Not good. Not close to good.

            Donald Washington: Not bad, backup safety/does some CB stuff once in a while.

            Colin Brown: I don't even think he is still with the team. Might be on the PS but I doubt it.

            Quinten Lawrence: Still with the team, solid on special teams and in some WR packages but not many.

            Javarris Williams: Cut. Not sure where he ended up. Maybe on our PS.

            Jake O'Connell: Doesn't see much action. Was okay as a blocker last year.

            Ryan Succop: BEAST! It does suck when your best draft pick is Mr. Irrelevant and is a kicker, but he is a beast..

            Originally posted by fenikz
            His soft D really turns me off
            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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              Andre Smith - should be starting but is basically being punished.

              Rey - He worked a lot at MLB this off season and the rust is showing. They gave MJ so many snaps at SLB Rey took a lot at MLB. He is still too aggressive in coverage. I expect him to be playing more at MLB by the end of the season where he can let his instincts as a player take over more.

              MJ - So far so good. When he is in, he gets a lot of push on the pocket. Still transitioning into the SLB spot. I would start him at DE over Geathers.

              Coffman - Who cares.

              Jon Luigs - Cut

              Kevin Huber - Looks good.

              Morgan Trent - Solid Dime CB.

              Bernard Scott - If we had a better OC he would be amazing.

              Clinton McDonald - Practice Squad

              Fui - Injured but will be our FB.

              Freddie Brown - Cut

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                1. Michael Crabtree - WR - half assed iit week 1 ... played better all around game week 2 despite only having 1 catch .. look for more production in the coming weeks

                3. Glen Coffee - RB - retired

                5a. Scott McKillop - ILB - hurt/cut/IR

                5b. Nate Davis - QB - cut/practice squad

                6. Bear Pascoe - TE - cut

                7a. Curtis Taylor - S - unneeded 5th safety special teamer

                7b. Ricky Jean-Francois - NT - Aubrayo Franklin's protege at NT .. future starter

                overall.. a disgustingly terrible draft so far


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                  1) Brian Orakpo- Looks just as good as last year when he was a pro bowl rookie. Still though is most effective with his hand down rushing from the end, but he looks a little better in space. Would have so many sacks if he wasn't held so much, yeah I'm talking to you Alex Barron.

                  3) Kevin Barnes- Not playing up to his draft spot. Slow development, plays special teams and should be the #3 CB by now but isn't.

                  5) Cody Glenn- Cut.

                  6) Robert Henson- Cut this year although I think mostly for injury.

                  6) Eddie Williams- Cut his rookie year. I'm fairly certain he's the starting FB for the Bears now.

                  7) Marko Mitchell- Was cut. I hyped him up big but I guess things haven't panned out. Cut from Detroit as well.

                  3rd round Supplemental draft: Jeremy Jarmon- Ended up making the 53 man roster even though he was in danger of getting cut. Hasn't played yet. He has solid potential but just isn't a 34 fit.

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                    Originally posted by Bucs147;2304620

                    3rd: Roy Miller DT[/B
                    - He is fine. Of course, he has to play behind McCoy and Price, but he is doing what the coaches ask him to do when he is on the field.
                    He doesn't play behind McCoy, and Price. Miller is the starting NT, McCoy is the starting UT. Price comes of the bench, and rotates with either one since he plays UT & NT.

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                      Peria Jerry- Looking decent in a rotation at DT. I'm not expecting much from him until week 8 (that gives him a year and a half off a knee injury)

                      William Moore- Got his first start last week. Made some mistakes, but got a pick. Looked pretty good overall. He should continue to pull in more and more plays until he takes over as the starter at SS.

                      Christopher Owens- Good, solid football player. Currently is our nickel corner, and does very well in that role. Could be heading into the #2 spot soon, and I expect him to be a good #2 for a while.

                      Sidbury doesn't play much, Vance Walker is a nice rotational DT, Spencer Adkins is a good ST guy, Garrett Reynolds is a backup, and everyone else got cut.


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                        Green Bay Packers:

                        B.J. Raji has a lot to do with how Clay Matthews is performing right now. He gets constant pressure up the middle and opens up lanes for Matthews after commanding double teams. Keep your eye on Raji (#90).

                        And again, watch the attention he draws.

                        Brad Jones has had a shoulder problem so he's been spelled a lot. He hasn't been good or bad but an upgrade would put our pass rush to another level.

                        No one else starts, if they're even still with the team.


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                          A lot of these are a bit subjective and in the eye of the beholder.

                          BJ RAJI, NT
                          Has been okay-good. Played DE last year for us with Pickett stuffing the run so well at NT, but this year we have moved Raji to NT.
                          Hard to judge because we have not faced a good passing QB yet this year. I want to see some John Randle pass rush from Raji, but it's rare to see so far.

                          CLAY MATTHEWS, HOF
                          Any words I type here are a disservice to the man, and don't do him justice.
                          They've already made his bust in Canton though.

                          TJ LANG, OG/OT
                          He's a hit, but because we have the old anchors at OT now, and Bulaga behind them, he's basically a fill-in either at OG or perhaps RT. I like him a lot, except at LT blocking Ware or Jared Allen.

                          QUINN JOHNSON, FB
                          Looks great, plays okay to great. Can't catch, but when he makes his block, fuggitabout it.

                          JAMOMMA MEREDITH, OT
                          Currently playing in Buffalo somehow. Was the recipient of 1 or 2 of CM3's sacks last week. He has some potential but needs time, and that's why we put him on our practice squad last year, but the Bills needed him and I think he might be starting now. Poor Bills fans.

                          JARIUS WYNN, DE
                          Made team last year and played. Was just a guy, never noticed him.
                          Was beaten out this year and released, but was brought back after former 1st round pick Justin Harrell's ACL was shredded in the opener.
                          Doesn't seem to possess anything special, but if he can just be one of those solid 3-4 DE anchors against the run, not bad. Stil, he's nothing more than just a guy.

                          BRANDON UNDERWOOD, CB
                          Other cheeseheads like him more than I did.
                          He made the news this summer by getting accused of rape, after he doubled-up on a pair of hookers from Milwaukee. Was being counted on to be our #3 CB to enter the season, but due to both more nagging injuries, and his lack of playmaking, he was beaten out by undrafted rookie Sam I am Shields, who only has one year of CB experience coming out of The U.

                          BRAD JONES, OLB
                          Super hit for a 7th round pick.
                          He's not in the league as Matthews yet, but he's been starting opposite Clay since middway last year when Kampman's ACL was shredded.
                          So far, I would say Jones is just an average starting OLB. But I know he has the speed to become much better, so we'll see.

                          Every single guy is on an NFL roster still.


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                            1. Eugene Monroe, LT

                            Slimmed down during the offseason. Looks a lot better this year. Love having a legit blindside protector. Starter

                            2. Eben Britton RT

                            Mauler who is just a really solid player. Starter

                            3. Terrance Knighton NT

                            Best player from this group. I'm not sure why he was overlooked in the draft process. Starter

                            3. Derek Cox CB

                            Started all 16 games last year. Looked really bad against Denver in week 1. Already lost starting job. Doesn't look good. Not sure what happened from last year to this year. Backup

                            4. Mike Thomas WR

                            Should put up really good numbers this year as a full time starter. Also is serving as punt returner because Scotty McGee is on the IR. Starter

                            5. Jarett Dillard WR

                            Can't stay healthy. Would probably be slot receiver. Backup

                            6. Zach Miller TE

                            Same health concerns but not quite as bad. Explosive for a TE. Backup

                            7. Rashad Jennings RB

                            Runs a lot harder this year. Very good as a receiver, too. Backup

                            7. Tiquan Underwood WR

                            Basically is the slot receiver and is serving as KR until Deji Karim is healthy. Very fast but still needs a lot of polishing as a WR. Backup.

                            I'm very happy with this class. 4 starters who all look really good. The one that looks like a mistake is Cox.


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                              Jarron Gilbert - cut

                              Juaquin Iglesias - cut, on the practice squad

                              Henry Melton - Rotational DT/DE

                              DJ Moore - Beasted last week (ok....he got lucky....but still, 3 turnovers? I'll take it)

                              Johnny Knox - Beast.

                              Marcus Freeman - cut

                              Al Afalava - cut

                              Lance Louis - So-so....starting RG.

                              Derek Kinder - cut


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                                Originally posted by Unbiased View Post

                                1. Eugene Monroe, LT

                                Slimmed down during the offseason. Looks a lot better this year. Love having a legit blindside protector. Starter

                                2. Eben Britton RT

                                Mauler who is just a really solid player. Starter

                                I still think these back to back picks are the absolute sex. Love that whole Jag draft but this especially.



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