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    Originally posted by LizardState View Post

    Then there's Singletary here in the Bay Area for the 9ers. They started the season with a road game disaster in Seattle where offensive communication fell apart, Alex Smith wasn't getting the right plays or any plays in some cases into the offense on the field, & OC Jimmy Raye's playcalling was awful, an offensive described as Gore off tackle right, Gore off tackle left, & Gore up the middle.

    The HC diverted the negative attention somewhat by calling out a "rat" in the orgn. who leaked a story to Yahoo Sports on the locker room dissension about their dissatisfaction with the playcalling. Then in Wk. 2 they had the champion Saints at home in a Monday night game, Smith wore a wristband with the plays & they gave the champs all they wanted -- still lost. Then the Wk. 3 debacle in KC, OL pass protection collapsed, Smith ran for his life all day. The playcalling was abysmal again, with KC's defense seeming to know everything the transparent SF offense was going to do by what personnel were on the field. The 9ers defense missed assignments & got blocked while KC ran up 31 points unanswered until the last seconds of the 4th qtr. when this humiliating comedy ensued: the officials put 3 secs. back on the clock, Singletary called a pass to the end zone to salvage ... what? It connected to WR Josh Morgan for a pointless 7 points so they lost 31-10 vs. 31-3, Singletary salvaged his manhood I guess, but their best possession receiver Morgan got hurt on the play & will miss 2-3 wks. Even scoring Singletary's grandiose gesture was more destructive than constructive.

    Immediately after returning to SF from KC the team announced the firing of OC Jimmy Raye. And yesterday SS Michael Lewis asked for his release, the 3rd 49er to do so this yr! 1st the backup RB leaves to join the ministry, OK, unusual but that happens...then Kentwan Balmer is implicated in the UNC players receiving illegal benefits scandal & is released (joined the division rival Seahawks < a wk. later), now their veteran safety, who was garbage, granted, wants out. I can't help but think of the analogy of those rats mentioned earlier leaving a sinking ship, clearly Singletary has lost this locker room on a team that was the preseason favorite to win the NFC West & is now the laughingstock of the league.
    I hate to say this, but at this point the 49er season is turning into a car wreck. Like everyone else, I'm slowing down to see how bad it is.

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        The NY media will have a field day with Coughlin if we stink it up. I hate how that works but that's just how it is around here. If we end the year like we did last year then I do see up replacing Coughlin.

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          Originally posted by LizardState View Post
          Jon Fox, just tragic in winless Carolina. Delhomme sank their offense last yr like a rock, he needed a new QB & drafted Clausen, Moore announced as the starter. Then Moore played &, oh in goes Clausen in Wk. 3 & he was actually worse. Fox has to play in the tough NFC South with a losing hand, Atlanta, New Orleans & surprisingly unbeaten Tampa Bay are holding all the talent & all the aces.
          Regarding Carolina it's not that they don't have talent... that Defense has a ton of talent at all levels Linebacker Corps, Defensive Line, and Secondary... it's more that the instability at QB has crippled them, and also after Steve Smith they have very little in the way of receiving threats to take the pressure off of him, and add to that the Offensive Line problems this year and you've got a formula for a struggling Offense.

          I think John Fox knows he's out at the end of this year and he's just willing to take the lumps with Clausen. If they can find a way to fix their Offense they will be a dangerous team, they have the Running Backs and some pieces along the Line they just need that true Franchise key holder at QB.


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            Clausen was better than Moore too.



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