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    I like Marvin Lewis a lot. But if we do replace him I hope it's with Zimmer. If not Zimmer, I would like to get someone who's a little more offensive minded, maybe Billick (even though he was the Raven's HC I still like him) or someone like that.


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      I want Jon Gruden back....
      Greg Gross @VittorioTafur Al Davis' scholarship program has died with him. With Hue, it's nothing personal, and nothing sentimental, either. It's gladiator school now. Perform or perish., period.


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        If Rex Ryan decided to retire or something a few years down the line, I'd say Jon Gruden.


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          Originally posted by katnip View Post
          the Dolphins might have something to say about that. Even tho I live in CT. I can't remember him doing them very good. Besides almost making the playoffs 1 year.

          Besides. Coaching teenagers, then coaching grown men making alot of money with bigger ego's...
          I think he got too bad of a rap as a NFL head coach. Took a team that went 4-12 before his arrival to 9-7 his first season, narrowly missing the playoffs. 2nd season he tried to sign Drew Brees but the team doctors turned down the signing and he got stuck with damaged goods in Daunte Culpepper instead. Give him Brees instead of Culpepper and it's hard to tell where his NFL career goes.

          Anyway, for 49ers:

          Kyle Shanahan
          Brian Schottenehimer
          John Gruden
          Jeremy Bates
          Pete Carmichael Jr.

          Basically, the 49ers really need an offensive coach. I also think a young, new school guy who be preferable just to shake things up.


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            Saban is a joke. I'd go with Mike Zimmer to coach the Bengals.

            RIP ST


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              The Saints are quite happy with the one they have now thank you.

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                Ummmmmmmmmm Petersen could do so much for CJ
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                  Jeff Fisher, next HC of the Cowboys.

                  Jerry Jones willed it, said "Make it so," & it was good


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                    Kirk Ferentz
                    Nick Saban
                    Josh McDaniels

                    Anyone from the BB Coaching tree that is worth a damn would be nice. Wouldn't surprise me if he retired from coaching to just be the GM at a certain point.

                    R.I.P. Junior Seau


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                      Jim Harbaugh is the only college coach I'd take a chance on.

                      After him I'd look at Leslie Frazier and Brian VanGorder


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                        For the Bucs Id like to see them get one of the following at the end of this year.
                        Some are a long shot, but hey...

                        Jon Fox
                        Russ Grimm
                        Rob Ryan
                        Jim Harbaugh
                        Kyle Shanahan.


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                          I'll pass.


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                            I'll take Frazier.
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                            DeAngelo Hall looks like James Harden.


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                              Bill Cowher, Promote Ron Rivera (DC), Gary Kubiak, and maybe Sean Payton.

                              I am not a Norv fan, the guy is great at X's and O's, but would / has been an amazing OC, but I just don't like our chances when the going gets tough (aka playoffs). I was all about Shottenheimer even though he was known to build a franchise but couldn't get over the hump. Shottenheimer was a great motivator, and played smash mouth football.

                              Anyways, I always respected Bill Cowher, Ron Rivera is a solid DC and figure, Kubiak is a great offensive mind and has turned around the Texans and will keep improving, and lastly Payton gets it done period.

                              I just think Norv is too Finesse and I want some toughness back on the Offensive Side of the ball for the bolts (albeit he has really progressed Rivers during his tenure).


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                                Tony Dungy

                                Mike Will & V-Jax



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