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    The 9ers have the talent but have amateurs running the show....

    & it shows. Oh boy howdy how it shows.

    Everyone in the Bay Area who saw their 1st 4 games is howling for Singletary's head & to just lay down for 2 more mos. to draft Andrew Luck & hire Harbaugh.
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      Originally posted by GB12 View Post
      The Ravens are doing alright.
      When I think of the Ravens of today, the first image that pops into my head is actually one of Joe Flacco.

      Don't get me wrong, Lewis is a great player and does nice things for their defense, but the Ravens' playoff success this year will hinge far more on the effectiveness of Flacco and his receiving corps than anything else on that team.


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        Originally posted by SenorGato View Post
        Jets' first two picks of '06:

        D'Brickashaw Ferguson at 4 overall
        Nick Mangold at 29
        At the time, I wanted the Jets to spend their entire 2006 draft or almost the entire draft on offensive linemen. I didn't think drafting two was enough as I figured the entire offensive line had to be revamped much the same way San Diego's did two years earlier. I still hold to that. The Jets used their first two picks on offensive linemen. They should have kept going.

        Maybe then they wouldn't have had to sign Damien Woody the next year. Don't get me wrong, Woody isn't terrible by any stretch, but that was a contract that could have been avoided.


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          Originally posted by Morton View Post
          Here's why San Francisco sucks:

          When your marquee player is a linebacker, your team is bad.


          If when you think about the Ravens and anyone BUT Ray Lewis crosses your mind, you're ******* ********


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            Can Fox get fired if Carolina goes 0-5? Like this wk?



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