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    Am I the only one that understand that Chung didn't do **** last night?

    Kick 1: Untouched up the middle. He did what is expected of him; run in a straight line and do nothing else. Plug in anybody who runs a 4.8 or better and same result. Free highlight one.

    Kick 2: See kick one.

    Int for TD: Marshall beat him. Chung would have allowed the catch and wouldn't have made the tackle if Marshall;
    a. He continued running his route
    b. Henne threw the ball to where he stopped.

    All three of his "plays" were C, at absolute best, performances by Chung.

    But watching ESPN today I hear the term "breakout performance" a dozen times.

    I wonder if they even watch the game or just read the stat lines.

    On top of that, the Patriots didn't look very good. Ignoring the turnovers and special teams blunders, the Patriots couldn't stop the Dolphins offense for the life of them. If it wasn't a catastrophic play by the Dolphins then it was a completion to Bess or a Ricky Williams play for a first down.

    Yet the Patriots are "back" and the Dolphins are "a few years away."

    ESPN is a joke...

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    Yes you are that smart.

    In fact, why are you even here? Go be smart on your own.

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      Check this out. Dwight Clark didn't really do anything. He just ran his route and then caught the ball. Yet nobody ever shuts up about this catch. He was just doing what the scheme told him to do.

      Yet the 9ers were a "dynasty" and the Cowboys "watched the Super Bowl at home with the rest of America."

      The NFL is a joke...


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        He's right. The defense looked like garbage outside of forcing some turnovers.

        Thankfully, that's exactly how the reigning Super Bowl champs defense played.
        **** her in da *****!


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          Chung was damn good all night. He was in position all night, and has been one of the few reliable members of that defense all year long. Dude's a stud.

          Yes, the Pats looked like crap and won that game the same way the Jets beat the Patriots, really... Miami gave them the game. That's how it goes sometimes. Us Pats fans just have to hope that the defense comes out of this with some confidence and gets some swagger (the key missing ingredient, imo) going forward.


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            Haters gonna hate

            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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              Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
              Haters gonna hate

              Originally posted by ElectricEye
              I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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                  I remember NFLDC
                  don't tell anyone, but Charlie Casserly is a dope fiend


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                    what's with oregon putting out these stud safeties recently like Chung, Byrd, and Ward? Those three were all starting in their secondary in 2008 I believe, yikes.


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                      Thanks for watching our highlights! Forget the fact that Chung was one of the main reasons we contained Marshall the way we did. Forget the fact he still did those things when a lot of other players we had wouldn't have been able too. You're absolutely right, you're like a football genius bro.

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                        If Antoine Bethea did the same thing, this thread wouldn't exist.

                        Why? Because the Patriots are cheaters and the Colts are perfect!!! The Colts deserved their Super Bowl, the Pats cheated their way through 3 titles! Peyton Manning is the greatest ever, TOM BRADY SUX!!!1!!!!!11
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                          I might be one of the few people in the world who only had Patrick Chung left to play on my fantasy team, being down by 15 points. ...only to win the week based off his unbelievable day yesterday.


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                            I'm still waiting for people to get over this overrated garbage player.

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                              ChUNGz Da BEst MAyNe,He DeeD IT.



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