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  • Rodgers didn't do anything previously in his career to make me believe he would be tied for 4th most interceptions in the league right now. Brent tied for 2nd, Cutler and Shaun Hill tied for 7th, no surprises there, despite Brent's 2009, history says otherwise. Perhaps Drew Brees tied for 2nd is the biggest shocker of all.

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    • Originally posted by Auron View Post
      I think Interceptions as a whole in this league are way up this season.
      Which makes what Sanchez did even all the more impressive..... that being going a month into the season before getting picked off for the first time.

      Hats off to the charismatic male model. Muy bien Marco.


      • Originally posted by Saints-Tigers View Post
        Then every game in the NFL is luck, and there is no point in trying to figure out who is better than who, because all games are decided by luck..
        Here's another point to illustrate how prevalant luck is in the NFL.
        Las Vegas.
        If luck was not a factor, it would be easy for people, for computers, formulas to determine who would win games......
        such a thing does not exist and that's why Vegas continues to grow and sportsbooks continue to win.

        LonghornLegend is right. Tyree was lucky on that catch. If not, then he's the greatest receiver of all time. And what did he ever do before that catch, or after that catch? Was that not his last catch in the league?
        And Eli was lucky to get away on that play and the refs could have called holding on that play. That's some nice luck there, but there's no shame in that. All sports involve some luck usually, or always.

        The Saints benefitted from a lot of luck last year, but Brees was still awesome during the season (not in the NFCCG though). Like LL said, take the title with a smile..... luck was your friend. Don't fight it. Embrace it. But don't expect it again this year.

        Charles Woodson had some luck last year, granted.


        • Teh Packers had more turnovers though, therefore, they had even more luck in the regular season.

          Brees had 197 yards, 3 TDs, and no picks in the NFCCG. Maybe he was just lucky he didn't throw any stupid picks.

          Also, another question, if the Saints are lucky when they force a turnover, does that mean that Peterson and Favre are lucky every time they don't turn it over?

          I'm trying to piece together this luck thing, it seems ot be very selective and only applicable when convenient.

          Prock: as for your bitchy neg rep comment, luck isn't a fact, it's something people like you convince themselves of so the loss doesn't sting as bad. "well we would have won if..." Get over it dude, you've been bitter about the Saints all year because you got beat, and luck isn't why.
          Originally posted by SNIPER26
          fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


          • Guys that was last year I think its time to move on...

            Green Bay - Is headed in the right direction after today.. need to beat Dallas next week at home and be 6-3 headed into a much needed bye.

            Saints - Answer some questions tonight.

            Vikings - Better win today

            Cowboys - Ya, its over

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            • If the Saints offense plays like they have in every game but the TB game, this is going to be brutal.
              Originally posted by SNIPER26
              fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.



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