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Favre accused of sexual harrassment

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    Originally posted by Monomach View Post
    Ok, you animals. I have a picture that's just begging for a joke caption contest...
    Oh my god, this needs a meme generator immediately.


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      edit: dbl post


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        Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
        Oh my god, this needs a meme generator immediately.
        Done and DONE!

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        Props to clover_jeez!


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          Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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            Where to make them:

            Props to clover_jeez!


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              This is brilliant.


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                some good jokes in this thread


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                  Soon to be the most popular jersey on
                  **** her in da *****!


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                    Not a FAvre fan or anything, but from what I heard quoted of the messages, it sounds like Sterger led Favre to believe she was interested, or something was already happening. She hooked him good me thinks.
                    Originally posted by SNIPER26
                    fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


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                          Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million

                          On Yahoo this morning. I had a feeling that phallus photo would be as expensive to him in endorsement $ lost than Tiger Woods' scandal that broke last Thxgvg. Wrangler jeans can't be happy about the Wangler ads on the net.

                          Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million

                          By Patrick Rishe,
                          Oct 13, 3:48 pm EDT

                          They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

                          In Brett Favre’s case, it could be worth at least $10 million annually and over $100 million total in lost earnings post retirement.

                          Just as sports figures like Tiger Woods, Rick Pitino, and Ben Roethlisberger have irrevocably damaged their reputations and marketability as corporate endorsers and public speakers with their own sex scandals, so too now does it seem that Brett Favre’s future earnings stream from endorsements, speaking engagements, and work as a TV studio analyst have forever been diminished IF – and this is certainly still a big if – he is suspended by the NFL for sexually harassing a co-worker during his stint with the New York Jets in 2008.

                          And even if he’s not suspended, the long-term sting and embarrassment associated with this story may cause corporations, speaker series and TV networks to think twice about employing the services of the old gunslinger.

                          More sports financial analysis from

                          Favre earned approximately $7 million last year through deals with Wrangler jeans, Snapper’s line of lawnmowers and Remington hunting rifles. He’s appeared in Nike, Starter, Smart Car, Prilosec and MasterCard commercials, playing off his family-man, ‘good ole boy’ persona.

                          And with retirement likely in store after the 2010 season (we think), Favre stood to earn significant revenue from public speaking and studio analyst work. People with Favre’s cache typically earn $25,000-$50,000 per speaking appearance. And given that fellow Hall of Fame quarterbacks like Dan Marino and Steve Young earn north of $1 million annually for their TV work, it would not be a stretch to surmise that Favre could similarly profit from a post-retirement career.

                          Unless embroiled in scandal. And the timing couldn’t be any worse in light of the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has recently had to deal with the black-eye caused by the sexual transgressions of another high-profile quarterback in Roethlisberger with a four-game suspension. At least Big Ben has years left in his career to stay in the public’s conscious and try to prove that he has rehabilitated his character. Favre won’t enjoy that same luxury.

                          All told, the next few days and weeks will go a long ways in determining the future earnings stream for Mr. Favre. Many that have respected Favre for his longevity, grit, energy and pigskin greatness hope like heck that these stories are false and exaggerated.

                          Of course, we said that after Tiger’s car crash and Ben’s birthday party. How did those stories turn out?

                          If Favre’s story ends the same way, he’ll forgo at least $10 million annually in lost earnings – or if we assume a 10-year post-retirement career as an endorser, speaker, and studio analyst, this amounts to potentially $100 million in lost earnings.

                          And that’s one picture worth just a single word.



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                            Favre’s photo folly may cost him $100 Million
                            I first thought someone had paid 100 million for the photos of Farve's *****.


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                              Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn View Post
                              Jokes are picking up steam.

                              What happens when Favre gets an erection and walks into a wall?

                              This actually made me lol at work way too loud.

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                                Made this myself.

                                Love how nobody cares.

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