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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    You seriously just opened pandora's box....
    Meh, it's just my opinion. I'm fine if anyone completely disagrees with my opinion of Eli. Bring on the onslaught!
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      I'd do a scouting report on Peyton Manning but it's too easy.

      Dwight Freeney
      6-1, 268


      A premier pass-rushing DE who will tend to have a high amount of sacks, year in and year out. . . .Excellent quickness on the rush. . . .Arsenal of moves (including a spin) that will make it harder for opposing OTs to guard him. . . .Disruptive in the backfield. . . .While not the biggest guy, he's a strong player that can bullrush. . . .Good character. . . .Good motor


      Due to his prowess against the pass, he sometimes is assigned to take the long way to the QB at times which tends to allow big run plays. . . .His lack of size will help him against taller LTs but will leave him susceptible to injuries. . . .Plays through the pain, but gets plenty of pain anyway.

      Final Notes:
      Gets plenty of double coverage which sometimes deflate his statistics at times. Freeney usually has come up in some pretty big moments that swung momentum in the team's favor.
      Is that a rash?

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        Originally posted by Forenci View Post
        Meh, it's just my opinion. I'm fine if anyone completely disagrees with my opinion of Eli. Bring on the onslaught!
        Ok, just be ready to bring it!


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          Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
          I beat both of you to the punch....
          I just skimmed past yours and figured you did a real one because your like, smart and spend time belittling peoples threads like me.


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            Originally posted by Forenci View Post
            Eli Manning - QB - New York Giants:

            Strengths: Has all the physical attributes you want in a franchise quarterback standing at over 6'4. Shows exceptional arm strength, perhaps better than his older brother, Peyton Manning. Throwing the ball deep accurately is one of his biggest strengths as a quarterback. Has already mastered one of the hardest aspects of a quarterback, being able to lead his team from behind to a win. Particularly well at doing the previously stated in the fourth quarter, when he's under constant mental pressure. Can throw quite well on the run, even when rolling out to his left. Sells the play action well. Eli is a sneaky athelete, who can often elude the pass rush long enough to find the open receiver - but will generally not try to pick up the first down rushing if no one is open. Tends to spread the ball around to different receivers.

            Weaknesses: Biggest knock is his break down in mechanics, often throwing off his back foot when he feels any pressure near him. Bad mechanics will often lead to inaccurate passes and interceptions. Many times will force a play instead of throwing it away or taking a sack. Every now and then will over throw is receiver or put it above him where he can't catch it. Does not posess any real leadership ability except in 4th quarter come back situations. Tends to need taller receivers to catch the footballs he throws too high for most receivers. Very inconsistent in the second half of the season.

            Overview: Eli Manning suffers from his big brothers fame. Many expect him to live up to the expectations of his Hall of Fame caliber big brother Peyton Manning, but has not done so yet. Eli Manning has the potential to surpass his brother by winning several more Super Bowls, but it will likely depend on him overcoming some of his fixable bad mechanics problems and his lack of leadership. Some of his mechanic problems could be linked to the fact he makes his offensive line look a lot better than it is, by throwing off his back foot so often due to pressure. If he is given a chance and perhaps a good quarterbacks coach, he could end up being one of the premire quarterbacks in the league.
            I know you didn't say he is better then his brother.....hes the biggest bust ever.


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              Larry Johnson

              Strengths: One of the most physical and tough running backs in all of the NFL plays hurt pretty strong player and very hard to bring down. He stands at just over six feet tall and weighs 230 pounds but he is more then just a power back has good speed for his size and can stop and go with the best of them. He is the kinda player that always wants the ball never seems to run out of gas gets better as the game goes on.

              Weakness: Is not a very good blocker and does not have great hands needs to work on both of those parts of his game. He is not the best locker room guy and has been known to speak his mind and doesn't really care how he comes across to fans and the media. He doesn't always hang on to the ball quite like he should so he fumbles from time to time with out it being forced out.

              Overview: He has the potential to be one of the best RB's of his day if the Chiefs or some other team don't over use him like they have so far. If he works on his blocking and hands will stay as one of the top RB for at least four or five more years. He wants to go down as one of the best ever and in the right system and players around him he could do just that.
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                Some pretty good reports so far. Got back from work, I did a scouting report on Marques Colston in my spare time.

                Marques Colston - WR New Orleans Saints

                Height: 6'4 Weight: 230 lbs

                Strengths: Natural pass catcher with reliable hands. Excellent at adjusting his body to grab a pass out of reach. Uses his big frame to shield Defenders from the ball, and out muscle DBs. Surprisingly elusive for his size can elude and slip Defenders that seem to have him wrapped up. Has great instincts and plays with a veteran savvy. Excels at working the short underneath portion of the field, adept at finding holes and creases in zone Defenses. Will go across the middle.

                Weaknesses: Not a real burner, more of a long strider. Does not have elite timed speed. Can be more aggressive with contact after the catch. Can improve in the run blocking department.

                Overview: Surprisingly stepped in and was a major contributor on the Saints as a rookie selected in the 7th round, despite being young he carries himself like a veteran. Has a rare combination of physical abilities with size, agility, and quickness. Is an excellent possession receiver and chains mover,(51 out of 70 of his receptions went for 1st downs) and red-zone threat (8 tds). Has potential to become an elite WR with more experience.


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                  Mine kinda sucked I'm no scout but I wanted to give it a try.


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                    Originally posted by LionSmack View Post
                    Scouting Report

                    Adam "Pac-Man" Jones - CB, Tennessee Titans

                    Strengths: Tremendous playmaker - especially in strip clubs. Extensive knowledge and experience with firearms. Very generous with plastic bags full of $20 bills, unless you're a female and you try to actually pick them up off the stage. Very impressive bite-radius-to-height ratio. Displays good left hook when knocking out strippers, but his straight right might be even better.

                    Weaknesses: Not a good driver after downing 3 bottles of Cristal. Gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time far too often. Relies on his posse too much and sometimes fails to shoot his own victims. Attempts at launching a rap career have been described with the term "tear-inducing hilarity."

                    Overview: Pac-Man has shown plenty of flashes and still seems on his way to becoming a Pro Bowl level player (and when I say player, I mean Player). But his tendency to beat up strippers and bite cops is beginning to threaten his once-great promise. If he can keep his focus on what matters - partying his a** off until he runs out of money - he could still be great. But if he doesn't correct his technique and straighten out his game, police and the prison system will be the only ones "making it rain" - on his parade.
                    This is incredible, please post again. Best one I've seen yet.


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                      Originally posted by bigrick0016 View Post
                      Joe Andruzzi, OG, Browns

                      Strengths - None
                      Weaknesses - Cupcakes

                      **** you Xio!! I wanted to be the first one to make this thread ridiculous.
                      I think you may now be one of my favorite people now.


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                        Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
                        QB Joey Harrington, UFA

                        Overall: Destined to become a Quarterback of a struggling CFL team in the near future
                        Toronto owns his rights, but we are not struggling :D

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                          Chad Johnson_


                          Speed, jumping ability, hands, dancing


                          Getting fined by the No Fun League

                          He will beat you no matter what, so just give up....

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                          i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
                          who dey?


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                            Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                            Brett Favre QB Green Bay

                            6-2 220

                            Strengths: Despite age, still can throw the deep ball very wall. Has fairly good accuracy. Can still get around in the pocket. Puts great velocity on the ball when needed. Experience has led to good 2 minuete drills. Great at improvising, will turn a busted play into a TD.

                            Weaknesses: Is the oldest starting QB in the league and it shows in throwig ability which is not comparable to when he won the Super Bowl. Will make horrible decisions to throw into double-triple-quadruple-five man coverage. Deep ball, while still good, is not how it used to be.

                            Overview: Favre is still a top 15 QB and should get more help from a growing team this year. He can still throw the ball better than anyone and if put in a better situation should have better stats than those of the last two years.
                            One of Brett's strengths is his massive hands and his abilitiy to hold on to it when it gets cold

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                              Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                              One of Brett's strengths is his massive hands and his abilitiy to hold on to it when it gets cold
                              This isn't about his personal life, it's about football.

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                              Originally posted by Smokey Joe
                              I don't care...


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                                Originally posted by Hurricane Ditka View Post
                                This isn't about his personal life, it's about football.
                                hahaha well done.



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