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    DeAngelo Hall
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 197
    College: Virginia Tech

    Exceptional athlete. Has great burst and top end speed and has very fluid hips. Makes up for his lack of height with tremendous jumping ability. Has very good ball skills and is explosive with the ball in his hands. Does a great job locating the ball in the air. One of the best corners in man to man situations.

    Though he tries very hard against the run, there are times he misses the tackle or is shrugged off. He often goes for the pick instead of just batting the ball down. Seems to be very inconsistent. Struggles in zone coverage at times.

    DeAngelo is a great athlete and physically has whatever you ask for in a corner. He has a great deal of confidence and he feels as if he can go 1-1 with any reciever in the league. Though some may say his confidence is over the top, he needs it for the mental battle between he and the opposing WR.

    Whoa. So I was looking for a pic of D Hall, and I came upon an actual scouting report of him.

    Possesses incomparable speed and has been clocked in the 4.2 range. Has phenomenal quickness, closing speed, and agility. Plays off his man and can jump routes. A fluid runner with great man coverage skills. Has some upper body strength, can jam receivers, and can shed a block. Played some wide receiver and scored on fumble recoveries, receptions, running plays, and punt returns last year. Has an extra gear and great instincts with the ball in his hands.

    An ordinary zone defender who uses his speed to compensate for bad decisions. Will take false steps and has sloppy footwork. Hasn't worked on getting proper body position and has gotten used to solving all of his problems with just his speed. Gambles and guesses wrong. Not a tough-guy defender who provides great run support. Brash and arrogant at times.

    Man, I'm good.

    "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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      Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams,Running Back
      Height: 6' 2"
      Weight: 231lbs

      Strengths: Very tough runner and very versatile runner for his size, has the power to run between the tackles where his running is best and has the agility to cut to the outside and run outside the tackles, good receiver out of the backfield, great goaline runner, good vision and good football IQ.

      Weaknesses: Doesn't have explosive speed and acceleration, doesn't have great top end speed, inconsistent blocker, sometimes looks for the touchdown rather than the first down when its needed, runs to high at times rather than running behind pads.

      Overview: Steven Jackson is a Top Running Back in the NFL, arguably the best Running Back in the NFC, he is only 23 years old and has already been in the league for 4 seasons. Made first Pro Bowl appearance in 2006 as a backup.

      Harder than I though to do this.
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        Fabian Washington
        Number 27
        2 years of NFL experience. 30 games played total.

        Strengths: Amazingly fast... terrific catch up speed... good hands... very good jumping ability... very strong for his size... still has a huge updside...doesnt get beat on the deep ball easily... knows how to step up front and pick off a pass.

        Weaknesses: Beat on double moves and short slants... Needs to learn how to get in better position to make plays...Lack of experience hurts him some times.

        Notes: Fabian Washington has the talent to become a top-10 corner in this league, and I believe he has more talent than what Asomugha has. Not many wide outs gave him trouble last year, the only one that really had a stand-out game was T.J Houshmansadez. With experience and appropiate teaching, teams will be scared to throw the football to his side.


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          Derrick Johnson #56, OLB, Kansas City Chiefs
          Height: 6'3"
          Weight: 242 lbs.

          Strengths: Excellent athlete with good height. Very good in coverage, and a solid tackler. Will come up and make the big hit. Sniffs out screens well and seems to always be there to make the play. Effective blitzer that can get to the QB. Has a huge amount of potential.

          Weaknesses: Could use some added strength and has a hard time getting off of blocks at times. Hasn't really displayed his big play ability yet.

          Overview: Was one of the best LB prospects to come out of college in years. Has an amazing amount of potential and plays in the Tampa 2 sheme that he fits perfectly. Played very well at the start of 2006, but a mid season ankle injury caused him to miss a couple games and play through pain the rest of the season. Still needs to show his big play making ability that he had in college (hasn't got his first NFL INT yet). Well on his way to being one of the NFL's top LB's.
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            Alex Smith, QB, SF 49ers
            3rd year
            pick 1 2005

            Strengths: Ideal height 6'4 with athletic physique, 22 year old with 2 years starting experience, intelligent student of the game, coachable - willing to listen and learn, hard worker in weight room and classroom, team 1st work ethic, mobile QB, rolls out and throws well on the run, accurate short / mid range

            Weaknesses: Lacks elite arm strength (though adequate), thrown to wolves in rookie season and suffered, QB's NFL's worst recieving core, tends to lock onto primary reciever - will force throws, facing 3rd Offensive Co-Ordinator in 3 years (lack of stability), often forced to lead team from behind, faces added scrutiny of being no.1 pick

            Overall: After horrendous rookie campaign bounced back well in 2006, Smith requires continuity at the Offense Co-Ordinator position for stability. He is just beginning to reap benefits of previous draft choices - Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Has the potential to be a top 10 QB in this league - much in the vein of Troy Aikman. Willing worker who will shed the limelight - a team man - dont not expect Manning type numbers. A game contoller more than playmaker will manage games in the style of Aikman. At 22 years old has a long career ahead with a team being built around his needs - expect success.
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              Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
              nothing wrong with it.But Ive never met a Packer fan whos favorite player isnt Favre.
              i guess im ur frist huh? I hate it when he throws the deep balls trying to win the game when there still alot of time left in the game. ( Good example is when we faced the Vikings the second time and he threw an INT to Griffn i think. )



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