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  • Originally posted by njx9
    that's easy. a 'fully defended' quarterback doesn't exist. they're always defenseless. especially when someone might hit them.
    Sigh that's what I was afraid of.


    • Originally posted by wonderbredd24 View Post
      Was the hit fineworthy? Probably not. Yet another example of how much of a dirty player he is? Yes. Yes it is.

      Was Mike Tomlin's rant about Harrison's kid's college funds the most ridiculous **** said by a coach this season? No question.

      Are the Steelers the biggest batch of crybabies in the NFL? Absolutely.
      Was this hit last year by Clark on Willis "leading with the helmet"? What does it look like?


      • Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
        Was this hit last year by Clark on Willis "leading with the helmet"? What does it look like?
        No he lead with the shoulder.


        • Again, I must know. Will Celek be fined for this hit? Seems only fair.
          It should be if the league has any interest in consistency, was the same as several of the other hits and far worse than any of the hits that Harrison has been done for.

          It's funny, I didn't like Harrison at the start of the year but the way the league has martyred him has actually made me like him or at least support him.

          I guess I just like my football to be violent, I'd watch Netball if I wanted to watch people throw a ball around in a stop start manner...

          Props to BK on the sig!


          • Olly from Oxford, England
            Perhaps the NFL's player-safety evaluators ought to have a look at the Jags-Titans game, a close, physical contest in which the run, not the pass, was dominant, and there were no personal fouls, no helmet-to-helmet hits and no hits on defenseless receivers.

            Vic: The run game is the safe game. It’s in the pass game that trouble begins. That’s where we get hits on defenseless receivers, such as the one on Heath Miller that wasn’t called in last night’s game – the replay of that hit was frightening – and it’s in the pass game that we get blows to the head on the quarterback, such as the one on Ben Roethlisberger in last night’s game that resulted in a broken nose but no penalty. If player safety is as important as the league wants us to believe it is, then we need more run and less pass.




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