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    With the news that the NFL is considering suspending players for helmet to helmet hits, it got me thinking about the topic. I'm all about keeping players safe and don't want to see injuries, but I feel like this is a little extreme. The problem I see is that sometimes it is out of the defender's hands whether or not there is a helmet to helmet collision because it is a pretty common reaction for the offensive player to get low and brace himself for a hit; exposing his head.

    I played hockey in high school, and I relate the situation to my coach telling us not to give "sucker passes". The idea is basically not to throw a soft pass ahead of a player which leads him into a charging defenseman who can take his head off. I think the NFL's severe helmet to helmet hit problem stems from this same situation. As the rules change to protect offensive players, it just causes quarterbacks to become more and more comfortable throwing these passes which put receivers in danger.

    I obviously know you can't penalize the quarterbacks for making throws, but I really think more responsibility should be given to the teams to protect their own players. Otherwise, we're just going to see defenders playing scared, which is not what I think football is about.

    Edit: I could see protecting Quarterbacks who are in the pocket in this situation, since they are basically stationary...
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    It is the defender's fault. Everyone goes out there trying to get the highlight reel hits without caring for the repercussions of their hits.


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      I think the idea of suspension is dumb. The league already throws out $5,000-$25,000 fines at good solid hits already. That is bogus enough.

      Like the OP said, who gets suspended?? The defender for the tackle or the WR for ducking low to brace for impact?? I guarantee it will be the defender, everytime.

      I know I am being dramatic but why don't they start fining and penalizing offense players that duck low to brace for impact?? Just because they don't want to get hit in the chest and blown up, they duck low and brace with their head and get concussed?? And then it is the defenders fault??

      *Note* I am not saying offensive players should receive any of that.

      I am saying helmet to helmet happens in the game of football. Penalize them if you have to with 15 yards. The game is played much too fast to stop and think to yourself, "Oh hey, I'm going to get suspended if I hit this guy coming over the middle. Let me whiff on him because he has his head low or get trucked and he run for a TD. Decisions, decisions."

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        Dont go across that middle if you dont wanna get decapitated by James Harrison.


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          Players go low in football. When you get low your body turns more horizontal causing your head to be in front. Helmet to helmet is unavoidable when the ball carrier also goes low. Better helmets is the only way to stop concussions.


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            NFL can't complain about helmet to helmet hits and trying to protect players/stop injuries if they are going to increase the season to 18 games.

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              Their are some spots where a defender purposely goes for helmet to helmet. Some spots when a receiver goes in the air and the defender can clearly line him up he goes for the helmet with his helmet instead of with his shoulder.

              Many other instances it just happens without the defender intending it.

              If a player purposely tries to give another player a concussion that shouldn't be allowed.


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                Originally posted by terribletowel39 View Post
                ...I am saying helmet to helmet happens in the game of football...

                This is why we are friends.
                When did football stop being a man's sport and start being a sissy-boy's sport? Protect the QB, fine, but let them hit.

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                  I just watched Maurice Jones-Drew lower his head and truck Steven Tulloch. Suspension? He led with the crown of his head and hit Tulloch right in the mouth. Maybe the NFL should look into that being illegal.

                  The DeSean Jackson hit had a lot of talk. Zone coverage... 175 pound reciever running a long crossing route, a soft throw that led him directly into the defender... the defender, Dunta Robinson, leads with his shoulder, hit him in the chin and head area and both players get knocked out... who's fault is that? Realistically? The QBs fault for leading him into a defender. People used to call that hanging a receiver out to dry. Now people blamed the defender. I don't get it. It's not the defenders fault, who did his ******* job. To me, that's a good, hard hit. The crown of his helmet actually hit's Jackson's shoulder pad.

                  You're DeSean Jackson. You are a tiny little bastard that has had injury concerns since you were in college. Don't run across the ******* middle.

                  Brandon Meriweather's hit on Todd Heap? Call the penalty. That was helmet-to-helmet, he led with the crown of his head and never even hit him with a shoulder. I have no problem with a flag on that. If he keeps doing that and garners a reputation for doing it, then fine him as well as flag him. Suspending him should be a last resort.

                  The NFL is going to be going around and suspending players for hard hits.

                  James Harrison's hits? I don't even know why the hit on Cribbs is getting any kind of attention... maybe because he got hurt? Cribbs is a runner and lowered his head... Harrison did the same thing. It is perfectly legal. The rate the NFL is going... it will be illegal within the next 2 years to have any kind of helmet contact with an opponent. And I can't believe I watch Around the Horn and they ask the question, "Should they play without helmets?" I can't believe I heard that. I **** you not, they asked that question with a straight face. ******* morons.

                  The hit on the receiver, that will be a fine without question. Why? Pretty simple. The player got injured. Harrison was flying in the air after he knocked him out. And the NFL needs to fill their pocket with money. Thank God there wasn't a flag. There was nothing to flag Harrison about on the play. The receiver knew he was running through a zone and even looked up to turn his head around (he knew he was going to get hit), which is why he dropped the ball (took his eyes off it). Therefore, the receiver was not defenseless and had time to brace himself. Harrison came up and led with his shoulder pad and blew the play up. He's 260 pounds. The receiver is going to feel that hit. Will he be suspended? I highly doubt it, but he will be fined for the completely legal hit. They will say he "launched" himself and therefore, illegal, which will somehow justify their fine. But the NFL is turning into one of the biggest jokes in all of sports.

                  This play was pretty much the same situation as DeSean Jackson. A receiver running through a zone and a QB hanging him out to dry. The only difference, this receiver had the awareness that he was running through a zone. Jackson had no idea a defender was in the area until he had a shoulder pad in his mouth.

                  I did see one thing that made me think a suspension should be applied from this past week:


                  Look at Tom Brady bitching to the ******* umpire about a no call on a perfectly legal hit. I'm so sick of him turning and yelling at a referee evey time a defender comes with arms reach of him. He should be suspended for at lest 4 games. That is a more horrific act than Big Ben raping 13 girls in 1 week span.
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                    Originally posted by CJSchneider View Post
                    When did football stop being a man's sport and start being a sissy-boy's sport? Protect the QB, fine, but let them hit.
                    Why protect the QB and not the other players?

                    Moreover, OP, why would a QB feel comfortable putting his teammate, who he relies upon and works with everyday, in harms way as a result of this rule?


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                      Everyone on TV is terrified of being labeled "that guy" that says **** it just let them kill each other

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                        Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                        NFL can't complain about helmet to helmet hits and trying to protect players/stop injuries if they are going to increase the season to 18 games.
                        Yep. This is one of the first things I thought of.


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                          Originally posted by Shane P. Hallam View Post
                          NFL can't complain about helmet to helmet hits and trying to protect players/stop injuries if they are going to increase the season to 18 games.
                          I agree. However, they make more money with an 18 game season. And the NFL is a business.


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                            What happened to everyone having the consensus of football being a huge tough physical sport where hits like we see today would be praised. As far as I'm concerned this all started with the no hitting the WRs after five yards **** Pollian got instated. After that it's just been people bitching about this or that, Brady on my favorite team included. This is football, I understand keeping your players safe, but that why they wear helmets to begin with. I mean offensive players lower their heads all the time and I guarantee that no offensive player will get suspended for it. All these rules have done the last few years have just turned the NFL into an offense favored league. Dont even get me started on the people who complained about the over time rule of who gets the ball first.

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                              I see no problem with suspensions at all. Were talking 20 some year olds who can get paralysed and 1 just did this weekend. The fines these guys get are pocket change that have no effect. Some of these hits are malicious and could be avoided. Some are unintentional but really its not like we see 56764 a game just a few over the season. Footballs a violent game and things happen. Not every helmet to helmet hit deserves a suspension but a few do. Just as long as the NFL doesn't go to crazy with suspensions.

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