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    Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
    I went to a UFL game the other day. Not a lot of fans, but the ones there seemed to be having fun. The play on the field was decent, there were a lot of players I recognized (although none of them was that great to be honest.) The production values aren't the best - the announcers are terrible (making tons of mistakes), and they clearly didn't really know what to do for halftime or anything like that. Kind of cheesy. Also, strangely none of the punters seemed to be able to manage a punt over 20 yards or so and none of the returners were able to field kickoffs (including Dominic Rhodes.) I'd go again though, but this time the tickets were free and I'd probably stay home unless I could get some really cheap seats. Don't bother spending on the expensive ones if you go, the stadiums are mostly empty so you can just get a nosebleed seat or something and still end up sitting in a great spot.
    I want to go to Nighthawks games but have to play in my own on Fridays. The Nighthawks had more people at their opening game than the UFL Championship last year. I think Nebraska is just like Texas we Love our FootBall.


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      Playing Canadian Football is loads of fun. More players+unlimited motion before the snap can lead to some cool stuff. Plus, slotbacks can get a huge running start to destroy DEs on crack blocks. That's fun as hell.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
      Originally posted by njx9
      do i tell you when to flip the burger?



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