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Cowher could coach Cowboys?

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    Gruden to Dallas wouldn't be a terrible move his coaching would get the best of whats there, the team would only degrade after though.

    I think that if Cowher comes back it'll be to Carolina, but I don't think he will be back this year.

    Fox I see ending up coaching the Giants, the Mara family apparently still love him like a son and I think Coughlin's days are drawing to a close.

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    I'm afraid you would be mistaken.
    In what instance? He is one of the best coaches in the NFL and his problem is that he's been handcuffed by the owner ship. Pretty much any player or coach or half intelligent fan will tell you Fox is a great coach, one of the best out there.

    Secondly he's leaving, he wants to leave because he doesn't want to work with the big Cat anymore, him and Hurney are fine but with Jerry Richardson not allowing him to go after any FAs he wanted the bast two years why would you want to stick around?
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      Why would Gruden or Cowher want to put up with the headache that is Jerry Jones? Gruden already experienced Skeletor and at least he's had success at picking players in the past and was a good coach.


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        I think the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is going to be Jason Garrett and a lot of Cowboys fans are gonna be pissed.
        (groans loudly, signs #1 on the signup sheet)

        Dyathink? Garrett is the Dallas Cowboys Crown Prince.

        Garrett's father was their head scout forever & he used to be their backup QB, he grew up in that team ... literally. I think they may have paid for his education at Princeton (Ivy League, no scholarships). Garrett is on a 1st name bass with everybody on the Cowboys & eats Christmas dinner with Jerry Jones annually.

        Sometimes I think the team hates Phillips & is taking a dive to get rid of him, then sanity takes hold again.
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